Reg "Comparing apples and pizzas" Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Jonathan, you have done a wonderful job by this add-on. In my previous review, I didnt mean that, your add-on is same as my script, but my script - has lot more functionalities than the add-on. It needs stylish add-on and then you can install the script. I am trying to convert the script to add-on since most people are not aware of Stylish and Greasemonkey scripts.

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No worries! and thank you!

Thank you... all i was trying to say is your script is wonderful too! But my script is just targeted towards different users, who want to make the font size bigger on the URL address bar. Mine is not meant for styling firefox... just a down and dirty make address bar font-size bigger... fast! But thank you for the review, even if it was 3 stars!