It needs refinement Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I just encountered your add-on and I think it has big potential but upon installation I noticed some issues right away. I think that many of the glowing reviews on here are a bit hasty. This clearly needs some refinement and it is not at all ready to be on the featured list- a list long known to be made by people who probably have never even run the add-ons!


1. The toolbar icon immediately placed itself and moved another already placed icon with it. That needs to be corrected.
2. The language initially asks to translate from English to Spanish. Since probably the majority of users are English speakers that is a bit confusing to start out with.
3. It has several trackers and advertising- AND asks for donations. Really??? I am not in the camp that considers advertising inherently evil but having both at the same time? Also, what kind of privacy should users expect? I know how to look up the trackers and I know their finer points- but I am in a tiny tiny minority.
4. The only way that speech would go would be to go to the speech page. It did not work on the initial popup, it didn't work on the initial speaking page. Clicking "say it" causes the page to refresh silently. Only after clicking on the new translate and speak page could get it to work. That is far far too many clicks and complication for anything but a hardcore user.
5. By the time I was done I had multiple pop-up windows open. Now I am a hardcore user who has a zillion things open all the time but for the common user they probably would become confused and panic. Also, why isn't there a simple translate the page option?
6. In general the UI clearly needs to be streamlined for faster and easier flow. The existing one is close- but not there yet.

I don't hate this add-on- but it needs to have some more seasoning and put it back into the oven for some more cooking before putting it on the plate.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.17.1-signed). 


In response to these remarks, we would like to reply with the following:
2. the default language pair is English to Spanish, because according to our statistics, hundreds of thousands of our users use this language direction. We allow our users to customize ImTranslator and change the default settings in ImTranslator Options (browser's Tools-> ImTranslator-> ImTranslator Options). Plus, your changes can be saved in cookies unless you delete the cookies.
3. we don't use trackers- we don't track anything nor save translation results. We use only social networks apps from the trusted companies like most of the websites do. Plus we use only 1 static banner.
4. As to the speech page - the new approach is under development.
5. ImTranslator is an ongoing project and we add new features and apply changes on the regular basis.