deleting contacts Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This deleted half my contact from google and thunderbird.
I re-created all the contacts and a month later, it did the same thing.
Do not use this

Sorry it didn't work for you. Could you try to recreate this and send me a log? Make sure your computer's timezone is correct and that its clock is synchronized.

gContactSync ALWAYS asks for permission before deleting more than 5 contacts so if this every happens to anyone click OK to disable the address book and send me a log.

crashing tb24.5.0 / tb 30 beta Rated 5 out of 5 stars

using smoothly till recentlym but changed after tb 24.5.0
now it starts using lot of memory making tb crash.
gcontactsync version 0.4.0tc6

Note: more details on the crash will be posted here:,596.0.html

Thanks for making a forum post for this issue!


Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Postal address does not sync, tried everything, just not possible.

Did you try:
1) The development version at the bottom of this page? It has postal address sync enabled by default.
2) Looking at the FAQ:
3) The forums:,280.msg1126.html#msg1126

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I remember to having used another Gmail Contacts Sync extension in the past which had some shortcomings and issues. In contast, this extension works flawlessly in the background and does its job silently.

Thank you for maintaining this great extension which helps to make Thunderbird a superb Gmail client.

Excellent add-on Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Using 4.0rc5 and it works very well. The only issue is that in earlier versions when synchronizing small changes, e.g. deleting single contact, it took couple of seconds, but now it synchronizes the whole group which has been "touched". And for address books with 1000+ contacts it takes 5-10 minutes.

gContactSync only synchronizes contacts whose last modified dates have been changed. Thunderbird sometimes changes contacts in the background, such as whenever you receive an e-mail from them or send them an e-mail, for example. Version 0.5 will only sync contacts if one of the synchronized fields changed since the last sync.

If you can recreate this in a short period of time during which you don't send or receive any e-mail please send me a log.


VERY DANGEROUS ADDON Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Regrettably, and despite continuous and obviously sincere efforts from its author, this addon proves VERY DANGEROUS.
Especially for non-English TB versions.

In short; it can completely ruin your ABs, both in Google Contacts and Thunderbird.

Thunderbird version
24.4.0 French

Tested addon versions
both stable 03.36 and release candidate 4.x

Google Contacts configuration
– French version
– built-in groups Family, Coworkers, Friends, etc. automatically localized to Famille, Collègues, Amis, etc. in Google
– custom groups created (in French): Musique, Voyages, etc.
– no Google circles
– all groups populated
– over 1000 contacts

– the same happened with the "stable" adn "release candidate" versions.
– groups become duplicated in TB, with sometimes the French and the English name
– sync between First name, Last Name, Displayed name is not reliable, especially when drag & dropping from another ABs
– sync of Pro fields (Company, etc.) is not working
– eventually one has to restore the TB back-up ( and the Google backup (reload contacts from an early date).

For non-tech people, this can lead to a disaster.

Please make thorough tests before publishing, or withraw addon!

First of all, thanks for trying the add-on. Please keep in mind this is a free add-on and has to deal with two constantly changing APIs that don't always work correctly (especially mailing lists in TB, search bugzilla if you don't believe me ;)). I test it fairly thoroughly but as this is a hobby rather than a job I don't have 40+ hours a week to test every localization and TB release. I tried several localizations in 0.3 and didn't recreate the problem you saw. Please send me a log if you can recreate it.

Drag and drop is implemented by Thunderbird, not gContactSync. It doesn't always work, and doesn't prevent you from dragging a contact with an e-mail address into a mailing list, which results in a duplicate contact (sort of) and potentially breaks the parent address book. If you had read the add-on description before using it you may have noticed the following warning:

NOTE: Mailing lists are buggy, but gContactSync tries to work around these bugs whenever possible. The fake e-mail addresses nobody...@nowhere.invalid are necessary to prevent bugs in mailing lists and are only stored in Thunderbird (they'll never make it to Google). It is best to drag contacts into the main address book and add them to groups from Google's interface."

You can safely drag and drop from another AB, but only into the parent AB. Use Google to add contacts to groups or just synchronize each group with a separate AB.

Google's API is not localized so as far as gContactSync is concerned those system groups' names are "Family, Coworkers, Friends, and My Contacts"

Are you sure the professional fields aren't synchronizing? Google recently moved where they are displayed to right under the contact's name.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

As Zindus and GoogleContact are out of order, this is a good replacement.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent Zindus replacement - thanks Josh. I will be donating.


i liked this addon until this happened yesterday:

90% of my contacts on my synced mobile were gone... what happened?

after checking my phone and googlemail i found the answer in this addon which i had installed some time ago...

This addon deleted my contacts without any warning or setting that could have warned me!

i only found out after seeing the log and discovering this message on almost all of my contacts:

"The contact is old and will be deleted"

So if you dont edit a certain contact over a period of time it becomes "old" and will be automatically deleted...

no Thanks i dont want you to decide for me that my contacts must be deleted.. and the only way to prevent this is to set the addon in read only mode...

hey at least a warning would be nice...

well.. thanks but no thanks.

Please send me the gContactSync so I can figure out what happened. Posting here without any information (gContactSync version, whether you have any other sync apps, etc.) doesn't help me fix anything. You are the only person to have reported this since the incident where Google changed the ID of every contact ( so a log would be very helpful.

Google has an excellent restoration feature for contacts that you can use to recover your contacts:

> This addon deleted my contacts without any warning or setting that could have warned me!

gContactSync will ALWAYS ask for permission before deleting 5 or more contacts. You must have clicked OK on the dialog or it would not have deleted anything.

> So if you dont edit a certain contact over a period of time it becomes "old" and will be automatically deleted...

That is incorrect. gContactSync only deletes contacts that it believes were deleted from the other source. Either a different app deleted all your contacts from Google so gContactSync deleted them from Thunderbird, gContactSync hit a very bad bug, or something happened to change your contact's IDs such as the bug in Google's API ( that was introduced a long time ago.

Please e-mail me the log as well as any other potentially useful information, such as what other devices are synchronized with your contacts and what apps you use to sync.

> no Thanks i dont want you to decide for me that my contacts must be deleted.. and the only way to prevent this is to set the addon in read only mode...

If a synchronization app doesn't add new contacts, delete contacts that were deleted from the other source, or update contacts what is the point? It also prompts before deleting 5 or more contacts just in case something like this is about to happen.

> hey at least a warning would be nice...

There was one.

> well.. thanks but no thanks.

I repeat, please send me the log so I can try to figure out what happened. This is the only report I have since the Google API bug. I've never seen a case (yet) where gContactSync is responsible, though I fully admit it is possible. Also try to remember that this is a *free* add-on I develop in my spare time. If it was easy there would be many more add-ons that do this.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Love this add-on - it has done everything we have needed it to do. It has some great features and syncs very well with Gmail. My wife and I can now back-up contacts and share them between us too.

One caveat - make sure you back-up your contact lists before using it, and preferably periodically while using it, to make sure you can restore any hasty changes.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Good for me
I just wanted to sync. email list
(not phone num, birthdates ...)
and that's ok !
(with TB v24.2.0)
Thank you !

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Development version 0.4.0b4 works great! But follow instructions, in particular create new TB address book. If like me, you have all contacts in TB and none in Google, you can use the existing address book for the first upload, then create a new one for all future sync. See forum, very helpful! I am donating.

It works and it does what it's supposed to do Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great add-on, thank you very much!

Stable, usable, seems to do the right thing Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This thing is powerful and flexible...and it has many options that may not be right for you. Sometimes, it's modes of operation can do scary things---you HAVE to read the instructions AND think before you do massive syncs. But once you get the settings right, this thing is pretty reliable and does a better job than the Zindus plug-in did.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Working with TB 24.2.0! Thanks!

Well Done Josh - Very Good Add-On - Very Good Zindus Replacement! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Well Done Josh!

Seems to me that most of the problems people MAY have with this Add-On is due to people NOT reading the "About this Add-on" and ignoring the "Please read the Developer Comments as well." suggestion.Do yourselves a favour and do that. It is not complicated at all. Just make yourselves aware of how you can 'shoot yourself in the foot' and you will be just fine.

I am using the 0.4.0b3 Version and it has been working well for me through TB version 24.2.0

For those who had used Zindus for many years, and were sad to see it go as I was, I think you will be very happy with this Add-On.

Contribution sent in appreciation!

My suggestion for future upgrades:
re: Addition/Deletion/Updates - Rather than having to "Review the Log file" (it's hard to find changes in it) If we could have a "Details" button that would "List" contacts that where changed would be helpful. Listing changes option BEFORE run would be a Very Good option as well (a Simulated Run for example).

What I have learned is to see WHICH records where changed you'd have to search through the log and look for this:

If Google was newer and updates Thunderbird, then this is what it will say below the record that was changed (Search for this in the log file):
* The contact from Google is newer...Updating the contact from Thunderbird

If the Thunderbird was newer and updated Google, then this is what it will say below the record that was changed (Search for this in the log file):
* The contact from Thunderbird is newer...Updating the contact from Google

Unfortunately, it does not say WHAT was changed - would be nice think to know for the future.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Deletes your postal addresses, even with 'Synch Postal Addresses' selected. Creates duplicate entries. If you have Thunderbird & Google already in synch, it will re-download all Google entries and create doubles, and send Thunderbird to Google. When viewing in Google, Google is smart enough not to show duplicates. If you merge duplicates in Google, it successfully combines the two, but on next synch, this add-on will DELETE your Thunderbird entries, INCLUDE POSTAL ADDRESS! It does not copy the post address from Google!

I'm sorry the add-on didn't work the way you wanted it to, but please read the add-on description before using the add-on, and especially before posting a review. You wouldn't drive a car without taking some sort of driver's education class, so don't use software without reading its description.

1) The option to sync postal address is clearly marked as EXPERIMENTAL for a reason, although it should work (if not please send me a log or a clear description of how to recreate the issue). gContactSync definitely will not delete any postal addresses if that checkbox is not checked.

2) The add-on description clearly states, in bold text, "When first setting up gContactSync 0.3 you should use a new address book. If you try to sync an address book with gContactSync that you already synchronized with a different add-on then you could get duplicates. 0.4 will merge contacts first." v0.4 will merge contacts during the first sync. Unless you choose that version it will not merge contacts. I'm not sure how I can more clearly mention that.

3) If you merge duplicates from Google's interface the duplicates in Thunderbird will disappear (as expected).

HD Photos Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Good, Add-on, but there is one Problem.
Google now support hd pictures up to 720x720px.
So they are synched to Android as well in this resolution.
No I found out, that some of my pictures were scalled back to 96x96px. The Cause for this is the synching with TB. There the pictures are dwonsized. I don't know if this is a problem of TB adresse book or the add-on. But there could be the option to turn off picture syncing. Then the Problem would not exist.

gContactSync downloads photos from Google and does not scale them. Thunderbird is responsible for displaying the photos.

gContactSync has a preference to not download photos. Go to Menu -> Options -> Options -> Advanced -> Config Editor. Type "photos" in the textbox and change getPhotos and setPhotos to false.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

TB is now at 24.1.0, and nowhere on this site or the support site can I find whether or not gContactsync supports above v24.0.0. I hate to install this and get contacts trashed... please clarify. I will write an actual review after using (must replace Zindus).

The FAQ says it supports "Thunderbird 17 and later", which includes 24.1.0. Thunderbird releases new versions on a fairly regular basis so instead of updating my website for supported versions I'll announce any compatibility issues on Twitter (gcontatsync) and my blog (, and will revoke compatibility on this site.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

New User -- So far so good with this as my Zindus replacement. But based on other reviews I made sure to delete all my contacts in Thunderbird before syncing.