Galaxytoolbar Version History

44 versions

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Version 2.5.6 170.0 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- fixed an issue introduced with v2.5.5 at the Galaxy/System number recognition
- fixed problem with local time used instead of OGame server time at alliance page (activity) and fleet movements
- added Turkish locale

Version 2.5.5 165.9 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- improved the recognition of the galaxy/system number in galaxyview
- fixed some other issues with special characters in OGame
- fixed an issue with own espionage tech (was submitted +2, no matter if you have the Technocrat or not)

Version 2.5.4 165.9 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- fixed a UI bug in the settings window
- fixed 3 bugs at the OGame statistics page:
+ empty player entries weren't ignored
+ playername consisting only of |'s made the AddOn recognize the page as inconsistent
+ player or alliance names containing some (usually by OGame disallowed) special characters made the AddOn send Invalid XML
- fixed a very small bug at the fleet movement-parser
- new Balkan (hr-BA) locale
- some minor adjustments

Version 2.5.3 159.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- Toolname is now shown in mouseover when hovering the status message in the status window
- fixed a problem in activity-parser for alliance-page and galaxyview, introduced by a silent OGame update
- some minor adjustments

Version 2.5.2 159.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- fixed a bug at parsing planet data for some countries
- the shipyard page was sometimes sent though it was disabled by the user
- improved Check-Button
- some minor adjustments

Version 2.5.1 159.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- improved (speeded up a bit) parsing planet data
- ignore empty entries in player stats
- fixed small bug in fleet movement parser
- fixed a problem with Firefox 4 Beta when parsing combat reports

Version 2.5 159.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

* New Features:
- possibility to submit:
+ short combat reports
+ espionage actions
+ player messages
+ activity in galaxyview
+ activity from alliance page
in order to track the activities of enemies
- besides submitting of:
+ content of player messages (default: turned off)
+ phalanx reports
+ own fleet movements (manually via context menu, when viewing the Events-page of OGame)
- these new features will need Galaxytool v4.7, which will be released soon (v2.5 of this AddOn is still compatible with Galaxytool v4.6 and below)
- possibility to recognize own OGame playerid, so no more players with playerid = 0 in your Database
(can be turned off, because it might interfere with other AddOns and you may get logged out right after logging in)
- new "Check"-Button in settings menu, which will let you easily check the correctness of the entered login information (Galaxytool URL(works with any GT version)|Username/Password -> Permissions (works only with v4.7 of Galaxytool))
- new Icon
- new Greek locale

* Re-introduced features:
- submit espionage reports automatically, if the OGame setting "Show full spy reports" is enabled
+ this will only submit espionage reports marked as "new", old espionage can still be sent via context menu

* Bugfixes
- in some cases the empire view was submitted, though submitting empire view was turned off for that specific Galaxytool
- fixed submitting alliance stats in case an alliance has negative points

Version 2.4.5 114.7 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 and later

- added new Romanian locale
- added new Slovenian locale
- added support for AntiGame feature "Scroll time to the next event in the window title" (needs AntiGame v1.26.5)
- fix for Croatian universes (TLD has changed)
- fix for alliances with html-entities in their name
- fixed problem with destroyed moons in OGame v1.5.0

Version 2.4.4 109.6 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b7

- fixed a bug which prevented Firefox 4 Beta 7 from showing a status window
- small adjustments

Version 2.4.3 108.5 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b6

- fixed a problem with a script called "OGame Fleet Tool -Redesign-" which made the AddOn recognize each planet as moon on the fleet page
- fixed a bug in parsing espionage reports: in Turkish and maybe some other languages, the AddOn didn't recognize some buildings and asked to open the Techtree, though all translations were in the local database

Version 2.4.2 107.5 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b6

- possibility to send fleet menu
- use the original date for espionage reports in case AntiGame or another script has changed the value to localtime (needs AntiGame 1.26.2)
- improved parsing galaxyview and allypage
- reduced number of requests to the Galaxytool
- some small changes

Version 2.4.1 106.5 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b6

- added missing Polish translation
- this version prevents alert-spam, if the Galaxytool Server is responding very slow, or does not respond at all
- replaced the MD5-implementation by a Javascript implementation
- improved efficiency, especially of the startup
- fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.4 195.6 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b6

*New Features:
- all pages will be submitted via XML (needs Galaxytool v4.6.0)
- Empire View can be submitted (needs Galaxytool v4.6.0)
- password is sent as MD5 (needs Galaxytool v4.6.0)
- new techtreeparser, which inserts all technames into local DB, so all reports are already parsed within the toolbar (needs Galaxytool v4.6.0)
Galaxytool v4.6.0 will be available in a few days

- check, if the Galaxytool already exists, before creating/deleting it -> this result in a high performance enhancement when saving new Galaxytools or changing the settings
- fix for galaxyview: when opening an espionage report within the galaxyview (commander feature), we got an exception
- fixes parsing the allypage (sometimes, it wasn't submitted)
- improved efficiency of parsing planet_data (also one bug fixed there)
- added missing CSS on some OGame pages, to be able to show the status window there
- '[' and ']' were mistakenly removed at the Ally-Stats
- set negative points in stats to 0
- many small fixes

Version 2.3.6 163.8 kB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b6

- Galaxyviews with destroyed moons are recognized again
- fix for universes with "," as thousands separator (debris fields were cut)
- Firefox 4.0b1 support after some tests