See what You want to see Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Element Hiding Helper is a true scalpel that provides an easy way to cut out any tricky ad or some unnecessary web-page element.

Web-sites are just overloaded with ads and all that social stuff: tweet me! digg me! like me! drink me!.. Dammit! I do value my privacy and, what's even more important, my inner peace... and that's why Element Hide Helper is an extension I cannot imagine Firefox without.

It's great to have such a handy tool making it possible to hide any unwanted content. Now that's me who decide what to see and what not to — and this rocks!

By the way, guys, there are some hidden options you may like. Go to about:config and search for extensions.elemhidehelper.selectelement_key — voila, you can set up the hotkeys (if there are several keys combinations, the working one will be the first hotkey that is not used by Firefox or any other add-on). Another useful setting is extensions.elemhidehelper.showhelp — switch it to «false» to prevent keyboard shortcuts help from showing up each time you hide something.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (