Rated 4 out of 5 stars

One very promising add-on...
especially for researchers.. This is like a full virtual stationary under your hand when searching over the internet. There are lots of features hidden within it and a good documentation to read; so I am still in the learning phase. But I believe this shall be an indispensable add-on as it's refined in the future with such active development.. Thank you for all the effort!


Thank you for your review.
Yes, it is planned basically for helping researchers. It works quite well with Scrapbook, as a main goal was extending its annotation capabilities which is otherwise an excellent research tool, too! This is also a mini (not a fully functional) composer with which you can write simple web documents. ( I wrote the entire documentation immediately with it :)
If you has any further remark meanwhile using it, please feel free drop in me an e-mail at my contact form. Every feedback is welcomed aiding me fixing the errors and considering the possible improvements.
Thanks again, experimenting with it.