FASTER DOWNLOADS. AWESOME. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

If I'm going to allow an add-on to stick around permanently, I want it to be worth it, and DownThemAll is simply that--worth it.

DTA has a simple, smooth layout that is built right into Firefox and offers its availability on the pop-up page that comes up when you click a download link. Just like that, with the click of a button, your download starts and you can watch it speed through downloads in its own simple box.

DTA is just as fast as any other download enhancer I've tried, yet it's free, incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, efficient and fast, and it has so far worked with every upload site I've tried thus far. I had been using Speed Download 5 which you have to pay for and is an entirely separate app that is not compatible with all uploading sites. DTA is just as fast and from my experience with it so far seems to be compatible with even more uploading sites. DTA is just as good, but being that it's free and takes up less space than the highly acclaimed Speed Download 5, I would say it's even better as far as enhancing and even managing downloads goes, and also in regards to user-friendliness.

If you want to download your stuff way faster and you want it to be easy, this add-on is for you, and gives me even more reason to stick with Firefox over Safari.

Well Done.

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