Back to Normal Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hi, this addon is back to normal, so no need to panic. However, a few problems:
1) the download link at the top of the screen didn't work for me, but the one under "Versions" at the bottom of the screen did.
2) The version info says it's only compatible with upto FF4.0... That doesn't seem quite correct, but the version I had before the ad-version was compatible with FF7.0... but anyways, you can always easily hack the xpi or download "check compatability" addon.
Personally I can understand the authors desire and methods for making money (as he included an option, and declaration thereof, to disable the ads. On the other hand, it was quite antagonistic to the whole concept of a free browser and all the other free addons... perhaps he'll come up with a better idea... till then, you may want to donate to the author of this much useful little addon.
I wonder if an ad embedded into the addon option-window would be better accepted?