Meet the Docs Online Viewer Developer

Why was Docs Online Viewer created?

Whenever I find a document in the search (general web search) result, I used to hesitate to open it. Instead i used to search for alternate results which are not documents (like wikipedia results, etc). That is because, these documnents need to be downloaded and then viewed. It was really annoying. It was more annoying when I find documents like docx and pptx. I am a Linux user so it was difficult for me to view those files. LibreOffice doesn't work properly with docx and pptx files.

Then, Google docs viewer came to my rescue. Initially, I have bookmarked the google docs viewer api string and append any document containing URL to it to view. I felt it was better than downloading (although still painful). While opening open documents, I used to use zoho viewer as it is better than google docs viewer for rendering files like odt, odp, etc.

I have tried a few browser extensions. Out of which I liked gPDF. But I cound not bear it even for a day. The author of that addon made some work in the same direction as I was thinking. But, it was more and more annoying because of the wastage of screen real-estate it does and there is no way to open the document by default.

So, I have at last started writing a userscript. I have started making improvements day by day. there was a very good response to my script. You can vew the script by clicking here. The userscript was working fine. But I felt that making an addon for Firefox is an easy way to share my work with everybody. Hence I made this addon. Hope you all like it.

What's next for Docs Online Viewer

Although this release is stable enough, it is not complete as I have planned more than this.

In the next release you will find the following:

  1. Reducing false positives. There are some links which end with an extension like .pdf, .doc, etc. But in reality they are not. Docs online viewer believes that it is a document file and attempts to open with either Google docs or Zoho Viewer. This keeps on improving from version to version. If you have any link which is not working fine, then please report it to
  2. Support for more file formats.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Deekshith Allamaneni
Location United States of America
Occupation Software Engineer at Wolfram Research
User since September 4, 2010
Number of add-ons developed 2 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 3 out of 5 stars