Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Can't get it to work with FF15.0.1, unfortunately. All of the menus appear, but it never creates the save file. I removed all cookies, as suggested, but still no go. Real bummer.

Update #1: As seen below, I was asked to be "realistic" in my review. As much as I love the idea behind an app, I have to provide my review upon my experience with it... if I can't get it to work after trying all previously posted methods, then it's still broken. Stars are not given for grand ideas, they're given for how well a product works. Work well and you get 4-5 stars... fail to work at all and you get 1 star.

I downloaded the new version a few days ago, but a busy schedule has prevented me from trying it. Should the latest version work when I try it, I will update this review and change the rating.

That is as realistically fair as I can expect any reviewer to be.

Update #2: IT WORKS! It's everything I expected it to be based upon the options provided, but it took the most recent update to get it working with YouTube.

Changing my rating appropriately, as promised.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Please, try to be realistic. A 1-star review is hardly fair considering the effort going into developing this extension. YT may change their system any time, and this may break our software - without this having anything to do with the overall quality of our work.
Please, use version 3.4.1+, it works perfectly, and cookies are not an issue.

Thank you for giving CYS a second chance, highly appreciated! Thank you! :)