Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Better than "easy youtube video downloader".

+ Button is not imbedded and i don't have to scroll the page down. Because otherwise, youtube interface is too big for my screen.
+ Lets save 480p files into "Webm" which is framescrollable back in mpc! Yay! (....but will it be editable in editors? i don't now yet....)
+ Loads from channels, naming correctly.
+ A bit optionable, can set quick formats and catalogs.

- BAAAT (BUT)! Again unsupports non_latin letters, now in save-catalogs. They are written as crakozebra. Thus you can't save to a "favorite place". And after reentering options - reenter your standard catalog every time. Though it names and saves files to "last place" rightly.
- "Save all page" bluntly hangs firefox and all (when i have 150 tabs open). And shows a superflous process window insted of just adding a task to download manger.
- And aawwrgh their gosh! also the stream line of already loaded part is not going with this add_on. It loads, i think, at same speed, but you can't see what is already loaded.
- It doesn't load from embedded youtubes on other pages, nor from google.translated page. While some "FlashVideoDownloader" and "Flash and video download" do.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for your feedback. Some of the issues you are describing are unfamiliar to me and will need additional information. Please contact me at cytsaver@hotmail.com, thanks.