Vapor Graph broken... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great add-on! However, the Vapor graphic is broken again it seems. USA satellite vapor map has east coast frozen from the tip of Texas through the N/W corner of Ohio and beyond. Info bar at bottom of vapor graph window shows "2GOES NORTH AMERICA WATER VAPOR 22 MAY 13 02:45 UTC". Mid way through the graph animation of the western half of the USA it changes to "2GOES NORTH AMERICA WATER VAPOR 23 MAY 13 08:15 UTC" and ' then ' the clock starts and runs up to 02:45 UTC. Makes no sense.

Animated satellite vapor graphic is working throughout the cycle to show the western half of USA, but the clock and "map date" is stuck at 22 until mid-way through when it jumps to 23 and the clock starts at 08:15 UTC. At that point/time the entire USA graph is animated from coast to coast. It's as though todays animation sequence is running consistently "under yesterdays locked east coast satellite frame" until mid-way through the animation, the in-frame locked east coast graph picture disappears and is removed from the sequence, allowing one to see the complete/entire animation window/sequence for today from that point forward. Prior frames running under yesterdays locked east coast frame aren't viewable at any time until that frame is removed. Take a piece of paper and cover the east coast animation and remove it half way through the frame sequence. That will exemplify what I'm trying to explain here.

I've uninstalled AniWeather, reset the 'current and forecast' data, re-installed it and have the same result!

AniWeather version 0.8.37... Firefox version 16.0.2 .

Please fix this or supply a work-around until such time it's fixed asap. I rely on AniWeather satellites and graphs daily... and I LIVE on the east coast! So this is a major problem for myself and other USA east coast dwellers / travelers. I hope to get a reply / response asap. No other way to contact the developer outside the reviews section here.


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