Satellite animation is broke... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just updated from v0.8.16 to v0.8.18 because the satellite animation wasn't working. v0.8.18 seems to have the same problem! I'll assume your satellite animation site / link is down. After the update didn't fix the problem even with a clean install I tried my desktop PC and got the same results. This is the most used feature for me personally so I hope the PTB get it back up today!

Speaking of animation, it would be real nice if both the satellite and radar animations offered regional and State view(s) user options. National is great, but I'd also like to see a closer metro, regional, and State view. Check out the radar animation in the ForecastFox add-on for a regional radar reference. Sadly I have both installed because one or the other don't incorporate user customizable features as noted. They each lack something the other has. Someday a well rounded weather add-on with user customizable features as noted would be great.

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The reason Satellite is not available is that our data source ( is not available:

We believe this is just temporary and it should be back soon. We will keep an eye on that.