Does what I need it to. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Would rate as 5, if not for a small issue I encountered (explained below.)

I have a few japanese friends on facebook but my japanese is useless so I wanted a quick way of translating things in my feed without having to copy the text, go to google translate & paste it.

Was expecting that it would load a new tab to google translate with the translation, but it actually translates the selection in the page, replacing the existing text, which is even better.

I've only used it for 10 minutes, but I encountered an issue. It seemed to translate most japanese fine, but when I translated "ダーリンは外国人" it comes up with "the inter... foreigners" - but when going to, that text translates to darling foreigner.. so rating as a 4. Otherwise it would be a 5 based on its ease of use (which is great.)

I hope to see that bug ironed out, and for this to be a verified addon! its the only non-verified addon i have installed.. plus I signed up just to post this review! Thanks for the addon.

EDIT: Just wanted to mention I am using FireFox 6.0.2 Portable and didn't encounter any problems installing it as another user said they had.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Wow, I'm glad you found the addon so useful!

I will look into the bug, hopefully it is something simple that I haven't noticed yet.