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Does precisely what I needed. This lightweight add-on reveals Firefox proxy settings so I can use services such as I2P.

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Will comment it, when it reaches at least beta stadium. At the moment it is too annoying only to change the "Configure Proxies" Setting from 5 to 1 (to enable).
2014-01-08 on SGS2 with 4.1.2

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This extension is worth of attention because it allows to set a system-independent proxy. Unfortunately, on my 7in. Nexus tablet it is very difficult to tap exactly after "5" to set the cursor so that you can delete it by using backspace for changing this value to 0 or 1 (ie proxy: system/off/on). By inspecting the source I found that the original idea was to use a radio button but presently this does not work. Without this opportunity IMHO it is almost unusable also because the window with the parameters in unsizable.

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Great! It workes perfectly. It would be better if it had SOCKS proxy. Consider it...

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cross over gfw

wifi Rated 3 out of 5 stars

pls add set connect proxy by wifi profile

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

works well and it is good