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Fix for pastebin auto login
rename the xpi package to .zip and unzip it.

File: chrome\content\options.xul
After line 10 (10: <preferences>)
<preference id="pastebin-username" name="extensions.pastebin.username" type="string"/>
<preference id="pastebin-password" name="extensions.pastebin.password" type="string"/>

After line 29 (29: <rows class="rows">)
<label value="Username:" class="optionsxul-label"/>
<textbox id="paste-username" preference="pastebin-username"/>
<label value="Password:" class="optionsxul-label"/>
<textbox id="paste-password" preference="pastebin-password"/>

Save and close.

File: chrome\content\pastebin.js
After line 133 (133: //Fill up values from prefs)
var username = prefManager.getCharPref("extensions.pastebin.username");
var password = prefManager.getCharPref("extensions.pastebin.password");

After line 146 (146: document.getElementById('paste-name').value = title;)
document.getElementById('pastebin-username').value = username;
document.getElementById('pastebin-password').value = password;

Save and close


Add line 1 and 2
pref("extensions.pastebin.username", "");
pref("extensions.pastebin.password", "");

Save and close

zip all the files together again, no compression (store option) rename .zip to .xpi,
close FF, open the extensions dir and replace the current pastebin .xpi file start FF
again and you should be logged in when opening the patebin extension.

Pastebin depending on ads? of course they do, this extension is just what it is called
a extension to not need to open the pastebin site and login and paste your code.

So i don't get what your are saying that they wont let you log in automatically, do you
see any ads in the extension?
Either the functions wasnt implemented, or it was broken, and i happen to now that it
is broken.

What you have reviewed with a shitty 1 star is the pastebin site, not this extension
that works as it intend to do.

So with other words:
Great extension, skips the hassle to visit and login to the pastebin site for sharing codes.

Only hassle is the window size of the extension, would like it customizable.