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Happy Palemoon user. Got off the FF-go-round™ at Australis FF29. No sale thanks, but lets keep in touch. * I think I'm pretty competent at laying out my own browser UI, thanks. *And I have zero interest in either running Chrome, or a FF-based UI clone, or, for that matter shilling out my data & privacy to cloud vendors of any stripe. Data-sharing & sync'ing is a process _I_ should be able to configure through any private media _I_ chose (dropbox, googledrive, onedrive, USB-key, email or even pony-express). Like with the UI, I shouldn't be shoe-horned by the devs into trusting and using *their* choice.

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Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

So that's the problem (v3.1.3 breaks palemoon) Stick with v3.1.2 Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'm glad I checked here: My copy of Palemoon just got thoroughly hosed over with last night's upgrade to v3.1.3 (couldn't save images, youtube dev center broken etc etc - as per review below - and MAFF lost most of it's mnu entries). I downreved to v3.1.2 and got things back to function. Guess I'll be adding MAFF to the growing list of addons I'm rev-locking.
And as to the entire reason for the breaks (at the FF core): *sigh*, I got off of the firefox-go-round @ _Australis_, and jumped to Palemoon with both feet. Why do they have to keep f'ing with the G.D. interface? Power users gravitated to FF *because* of it's highly configurable interface, options, and extensive addons. But they seem to be now 100% committed to lobotomizing it. (I even had to create/convert to a G.D. Firefox Acct to post this... another autonomy invasion I don't want nor plan to use). Pftft.
Great useful plugin I've used since the late 2000's, but this repetitive non-productive featuritis has to stop.
If you're using Palemoon, go directly to Versions at the bottom of this page, find v3.1.2, and install or down-rev to that version!

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Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Works, but doesn't support locating in the restored AddonBar (via CheckCapability), under FF35.x. I'm not ready to give up 2.5" of key real estate in my upper toolbar rows, on a status item I want to look at a few times a day. The bottom 'statusbar' is where I want it, but the app fails to see the Addonbar as equivalent to it's 'StatusBar' setting.
Also, highly dependent on flash, Flashblock needs whitelisting, or you'll have it's happy little circle-F icons on AniWeather's popups.

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Classic Theme Restorer

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

CTR isn't a perfect restoration of FF28's interface options, but it's _essential_ for the bulk of ff users that have been happy with the existing UI and customizability of Firefox - since ff2.0 for me - and have no interest in "another Chrome" or "Win8-tablet-tool". I was floored today to see the UI damage done with the fx29 "upgrade".

Right now CTR is the only thing keeping me from switching completely over to Palemoon (which I'll be evaluating as well). It's pretty insulting when the FF devs decide _for you_ that you have no purpose in having a browser-width status bar on which to keep your plugins.

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Google Disconnect

Blocks Captchas (ReCaptcha) Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Works fine, except for me, it blocks 'Re-Captcha' captcha images from appearing on some of the sites I frequent. Took some time turning off addons 1-by-1 to isolate Google Disconnect as the issue. Checked on the background for Re-Captcha; et voila, "...acquired by Google in September 2009". Now it makes sense! :D

KeePass Helper

Works great for FF22.0. But not in Comodo IceDragon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

v2.0.1 works just great as a keepass adjunct under Firefox 22.0.As a side-note though, although Comodo IceDragon is firefox-based, it looks like this addon can't get access to IceDragon's toolbar. As web tracking, google/facebook etc profiling and invasiveness have grown over time, I've started using other browsers to provide 'logged-in' access, while remaining _logged-out_ in my primary browser. IceDragon makes a good option, because - other than this specific addon - it's pretty much fully compatible with your regular Firefox addons, bookmarks and other profile components, while maintaining a 100% separate profile & cookies. Thanks!

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Sigh adware, alternatives? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Rolling back to the link below to the 401 revision gets rid of the adware. Unfortunately I don't see any provision in FF to disable update checking on individual addons.
Page-refresh is a pretty simple niche; punching refresh on the tab every-X seconds. There's even a Bookmarklet that does the job. But most other ff addons are part of larger tab-mgmt-suites. Any other simple single-purpose one's folks know of, that are up to date? I'm tempted to move back to the Continuous Reload bookmarklet. It's all of 422 characters or 10 lines of javascript in a url. Not much to mess up there. :D

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