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Long term heavy duty browser user. Extension noob.

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TabGroups Manager revived Requires Restart

"TabGroups Manager revived" is a fork of the original "TabGroups Manager" developed by Axel Shootingstar.
TabGroups Manager helps the management of multiple tabs organizing them into multiple groups.

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Element Inspector

Change from shift to ctrl, or different mouse buttons Rated 4 out of 5 stars

@BarbieGirl (May 27, 2014) - if you have some basic skill or confidence then switching to ctrl-right-click or other buttons, isn't hard. You need to change one line in each of two files of the extension. Back up your profile first "just in case" though. Quick "Howto", as I don't know your technical level:

1) Expand (unzip) -> modify -> rezip the extension, or set the preference "extensions.alwaysUnpack" to true in "about:config" before installing it. Both of these methods let you work with the extension's actual expanded files.

2) The files you want are "\bootstrap.js" and "\content\overlay.js". Both of these short files have a line that looks like this:
if (!e.shiftKey || e.button != 2) return;
Translation: if the shift key isn't pressed or the right button isn't pressed, ignore it. So you can make your change here. For example:

if (!e.ctrlKey || e.button != 2) return;
(uses ctrl-right-click, tested, works)
if (!e.shiftKey || !e.ctrlKey || e.button != 4)
(uses ctrl-shift middle - or wheel - button, probably works!)

3) Restart Firefox

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Element Inspector

Brilliant: and the only way to study Firefox's own styling from within Firefox itself. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very good tool, especially for studying Firefox's own chrome. Extension description should highlight this feature as it isn't at all obvious. So far the best tool I've found that lets you study firefox UI styling from within Firefox itself. Working for me with FF30+.

One issue (minor): after shift-right-click on some Firefox chrome, the Inspector's topmost bar (the > horizontal > bar > showing > the > style > hierarchy) can't be focused, it goes black or blanks out before you can mouse to it or use it. Apart from that, brilliant for studying and fixing chrome and UI issues!

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Side Tabs

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Mostly works on FF28 (NOT tried yet on FF30+). Glitch with private tab button at top of tab bar. Also some users don't like the "centred" tab text, I edited style.css to change 2 x "center" to "left". But overall Vertical Tabs still works best, tho I'm using the dev build off Github (DarrinHenein's page) and editing the .RDF to allow install on v28-35. (Tabkit 2nd ed also has them). I am doing this because the glitches are a concern and the extension hasn't been updated or responded for a while. But basically yes it's good.

Reload Plus

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Looks good, but if it replaced a couple of the other "dead" reload utilities, such as "reload progressively" and "load progressively" as well, it would be much more worth using for me :)

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Google Redirects Fixer & Tracking Remover

Works a bit too well, blocks important Google Image links Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I love the way this extension is comprehensive, but there's a real problem. It works too well.

In Google Images, the google-redirect link isn't purely for tracking. It links to a page that shows both the image and the page it came from. If you kill that redirect link, then Google Images only links to the full image itself -- but you cannot go from Google Images to the "containing page" for that image, you can't find where the image came from and go there.

This for me means the extension almost kills Google Images, because I can't look up an image then go to the site it came from. (Note: that's *different* from going there via a tracking redirect: the issue is there is no direct link for the source webpage either). So I have to disable the entire extension which is a shame as it works so well.

If the author fixes this, by not only linking to the full image (without a tracking link) BUT ALSO a way to get to the source web page from the search page or full image (without a tracking link) then I'd easily give it 5 stars!

For example, if instead of just loading the full image, it loaded a bit of DOM to add a simple link from the full image to the source page.

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TabGroups Manager

Brilliant as always (kudos xtrm_xtrm!!) but needs maintenance - new bug to fix with v21? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

The version in xtrm_xtrm's profile (see Dr. Zev's comment May 15, 2013) works with v21, but there are still issues with tabs being restored in the wrong order and suspended groups "lost". These are well known, and I can confirm that going back to FF18.02 (or perhaps 19) solves them. But it highlights the need to pick this code up again!

Quick pro tip - if tab groups lose sync with Pano (extension) or panorama, or other extensions using groups, then zapping out briefly to Panorama view (ctrl-shift-E) and back ([X]) seems to resync Panorama's internal tab groups database nicely.

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Very useful indeed - a couple of minor changes would get it 5 stars Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works very well.

Giving 4 stars right now because the important option for manual tab color selection works but is hidden (manual edit to XUL and about:config needed to display radio option and set scheme=3), because it doesn't seem to work with multiple tab handler yet (which is very useful for this kind of extension), and because of the known issue that if you disable "aggressive handling" the coloring won't work but if you enable it, the current tab isn't highlighted as normal (it gets its "ColorfulTab" color only, like normal) so it's only bold, not colored, and hard to see.

These should be easy to fix, and if the developer can do it then I don't see why this wouldn't get 5 stars immediately :)

Thank you!

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Override User Agent

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Looks good, but two (minor) features missing -

Can the list include options for "Firefox" user agents (eg different version?)

Can the add-on allow "customise the list" option (so you can enter multiple custom agents for choosing; right now you must enter each time "new")

This would be very good.

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TabGroups Manager

User tip (increased performance) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Update to my review - heavy tab users might also want to look at "Suspend background tabs" which I found worked very well with TGM to increase responsiveness and memory use nicely.

See my review of that extension.

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Suspend background tabs

Holy. Freaking. WOW! (Extension is amazing) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'd like to give this 6 stars not 5?

Very heavy tab user (Firefox v16 x64: waterfox version, 1000 - 2500 tabs, some suspended/background, some not), so extensions like BarTab and other tab unloaders are important to me.

This extension blew them away - background tabs take memory but don't slow the system down at all. Firefox is one hell of a lot more responsive, and memory use is a quarter or half what it was (8-10GB now 2-3GB) - I guess because it doesn't have to run code in the background from all those tabs or something though I don't really understand it fully.

Suspend/resume/hibernate etc (from other extensions like TabGroups Manager) are also much faster as well, firefox responds again in just a few seconds when these functions are used instead of freezing to process them.

I don't know how this plays for users whose tabs need to stay active in the background, but most of mine don't. I was blown away by the change to firefox when I used it.

Not something I usually say in reviews.


I think this is my new "indispensable" :) Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just discovered this and I think I'll be using it a long time! Very nice.

Three issues for me - filtering should show group headers (so you can see what groups your "found tabs" are in), drag/drop of filtered results is a missing "big item" for me, and the instructions aren't clear how to get the extra buttons (eg collapse/expand - I've tried!).

These 3 would get 5 stars from me. Right now 4 stars because it's still very good but if you can't drag filtered results or see what groups they are in, half the power this extension could have is missing - encouragement to author!

Looks brilliant, thank you!

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TabGroups Manager

One of very few essential "superb design" add-ons for serious browser use, and one of the first I install. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Been using this for 3 years, time to update my review.

Superb. One of my (few) "Do Not Browse Without It" add-ons. Allows you to do everything very neatly, and (Firefox 12-16) bug free as near as I can tell on any big stuff. Drag drop, Hibernate, Suspend, Reorder, AutoBackup, Versatile, and yet not obtrusive.

No slowdown even on huge sessions (tested on 1000+ tab use to give an idea).

What I use it for:

I can have a "group" bar of "projects or jobs I'm doing" and keep all tabs on one project together, suspend when not working on it, resume when I want to, and it's right there on my browser where I naturally look for it.

Brilliant - please take this as great thanks!

One request - any chance of an option for the group bar on the left or right, as well as top/bottom? Would allow far more groups to be visible and better managed? :)

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View Dependencies

Excellent! + Suggestions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent add-on!

Can we have basic filtering? For example enter a string to show items matching that string, and select dependency types to show (script, background, image)

Vertical Tabs

Great extension, "Just works" for me :) Two small "fixes" needed Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant extension, I use it all the time and rely on it.Cannot recommend it enough.

I can't find a support page, this minor CSS item turned up in the Tab Mix Plus forum, copying it here for you.

Verticaltabs assumes how the user wants close buttons on tabs to behave. But Vertical Tabs doesn't offer a "close buttons" option, so it should leave this to other extensions to control, instead of forcing a specific behavior.

The lines:

.tabbrowser-tab:not(:hover):not([selected="true"]) .tab-close-button {
visibility: collapsed !important;

may need to be removed or modified, because it overrides and breaks the Tab Mix Plus option "show close button on all tabs".

Second "fix", if there are enough tabs that a scrollbar is displayed, you can use the keyboard, tab "search", URL bar etc, and be taken to a tab that isn't visible in the scrollbar (ie scrollbar "window" doesn't synchronise to the visible tab). Whatever tab you visit, the scrollbar should scroll if needed to make it visible.

@Alidan - I'm using Vertical Tabs with 300 - 500 tabs in a window and it's rock solid. You might want to look at Tab Groups Manager which is brilliant to organise 100's of tabs (if you aren't already using it), but I've never had Vertical Tabs fail on me yet.

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TabGroups Manager

Essential extension - rely on it completely. Superb. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Allows you to create a second bar containing tab groups. Immensely configurable, very very powerful - keep all tasks in separate groups and switch between them. Suspend groups for memory saving, or drop them to a "hibernated" list for later retrieval. Full drag and drop - everything. If a heavy tab user this extension will change your life.

Main point is, it will need configuring. The current tab color, read and unread tabs, when to open a new group and whether to automatically prompt to rename it, session backup options.... expect to play with these, but once you find the setup that works for you, it's a game-changer. I use it with Tab Mix Plus and Vertical Tabs and they're all compatible.

Customize Your Web

Potentially powerful extension let down too badly by lack of document/support - unusable by newcomers except simplest cases. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Hopeless, just hopeless.

Tried to set up a script to modify the headers of a page on loading. Tried to select HTML container and got an error that it didn't match the URL. Why not? No idea. Help pages? Can't find them. Guidance on modifying elements that can't be pointed at by the mouse (eg hidden elements, headers, etc) - none.

I haven't tested it further, it doesn't let me edit pages except the parts that can be seen, and the help is non-existent except for the most obvious parts that don't need help anyway.

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Doesn't work for me, help outdated, no clear support page Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Where to start. I had high hopes and installed HTW + RIP, then set off to clean up pages I use.

(1) I can't make removes, kills etc permanent, they come right back. There's no help and all the instructions say is to select the element and press "K". I do that, they vanish, a moment later (or next page refresh) they're back.

(2) I can't figure how to widen or narrow the scope of a rule manually, because there's no explanation of the format for saved rules.

(3) If you want to have an element removed but the page layout not modified (needed on some pages) then apparently "R" isn't permanent and "K" removes and automatically reflows, so it's not clear if or how this can be done. Again no help available.

(4) The "Advanced Help" link fails ("page not found")

(5) Help itself ("H") is out of date, missing "K" and presumably other codes, but as there's no web-page help I can't tell what else is missing.

I would love this to work but right now... these need solving.

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Limited compatibility with Firefox 10 - some functions work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Brilliant extension concept, but as others have said, it's unmaintained and badly broken. Options are broken, popup menu is broken, most functions are broken. It probably wouldn't need much work to get it compatible with Firefox 10.

But you can set options and colors etc via the prefs.js or about:config, and two core functions still work - Ctrl-Alt-(0 to 9) lets you color a tab or a domain as you want and the color is remembered properly. It also works well with Tab Mix Plus.

It's not much but that's all I wanted an extension to do, so although everything else is broken, FlagTab works for me. Can't wait for someone to bring it up to date for Firefox 10 though :)

Vertical Tabs

Excellent but a couple of minor fixes needed Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works reliably with FF9, Tab Mix Plus, and Tab Groups Manager.

Minor issues as others have noted.

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Nice - but would like the option to choose which services to proxy (search, maps, gmail,...)

Reasoning - Google knows my email anyway so no benefit to proxying it and the only effect of proxying is that it runs slower. Searches, maps etc on the other hand........