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The process of cleaning the house is something which every stay-home mom has to do but would rather not if given the possibility. That is all the more true if you ask any mom who has young kids in the house. Small youngsters aged 2 and below spend practically all of their hours playing on the floor of the living-room. They are at the age when brain development is taking place at prolific rate which results in high level of curiosity. One common habit among all toddlers is always to grab any thing that is within their reach and they like to put them into the mouths. Now, that's concerning the visible things that could be very hazardous. Things that are invisible to the naked eye such as bacteria and bacteria might be equally, if not, more threatening.

Being a mother with two young kids myself, I know how household chores really can be painful and unpleasant. You can hire a nanny or domestic helper to simply help you look after the home but that's provided you're rich enough. For many of us who don't have such privilege, we are in need of some sort of reliable assistant. When I talk with many people, we arrived at the opinion that vacuum will be the next-best thing for those folks who can not afford such luxury.

Regrettably, it is just so very hard to find a vacuum cleaner that works best to your requirements. Perhaps I'd been too naive previously. Perhaps I'd been too trusting on the sales guy in the department store. Maybe I had been too easily sold by the marketing taglines used by some of the vacuum cleaner producers. To offer some views, I have replaced my vacuum cleaner four times in the past five years alone. Any primary child could do the maths which simply means that I have had to change my vacuum at least once annually. My first 3 vacuum cleaners didn't last more than 9 months that is very frustrating. After 3 attempts, I eventually found one that can last for more than two years. Honestly speaking, the cleaner that I'm using currently does its work quite well and I'm pleased with it.

I'll perhaps not dwell on my previous painful experiences in picking out a vacuum. Something I know for sure is as mother with young kids and toddlers, time is a luxury and there's not much we can spare to complete intensive product research. The majority of us simply put our trust to the brand but more often than not, the marketing taglines are more hype than fact. What I discovered is most of the vacuum makers tend to drown the lowdown in their products.

I'm not a vacuum cleaner expert and I don't understand the advanced design process that goes into the making of the vacuum cleaners. But as an owner of 3 vacuum models that failed after 9 months and a mother with young toddlers, I understand what matters most in choosing the right vacuum cleaner. By sharing my experiences in my own blog, I am hoping the journey that each busy mother needs to go through can be smoothed out and less of a pain.

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