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Excellent add-on! Howto for FF V3.0.7 onwards! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on is great, it's now working fine for me in V3.0.7 of FF including the Tor option, which is great as I've been able to do away with the big Tor bottom from the Tor project people themselves (I'm running out of space for add-ons in my bottom browser bar lol)!


At first it did crash FF every time I closed the browser, but with the fix mentioned by someone else farther down in the reviews I've managed to fix it :)


For those who didn't know how to fix the problem once the add-on was already installed I've written a quick tutorial for you. Keep in mind that I'm using windows XP, Vista will probably have a little different file structure, so you're probably have to look a little more ;)


This is the location of the installed add-on on my PC:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jayen\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\55p2lmx6.default\extensions\{71e95839-6f7e-470d-be54-77012fec6345}


So basically this is what you need to do to get it to work on FF V3 upwards, the whole thing took me less than 5 mins. Go to "My PC" and select the HD where your operation system is installed (probably c), then go to "Documents and Settings" and then select your profile name.


At this point you'll probably have to change your folder settings to show hidden folders and files. To do this, from within the folder go to "tools/Folder Options/View (Tab)" and you'll find the option around half way down the "Advanced Settings" section.


Now you'll see an "Application Data" folder, click on it and then go into "Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" and then select the next folder, in my case "55p2lmx6.default", then go into "extensions" and you're find a whole load of folders like this one {71e95839-6f7e-470d-be54-77012fec6345}. Each one has files for a different add-on, to find the proxySel folder just go into the chrome folder in each one of these and you're see a file with the name of the add-on.


Once you're found the right folder just open the "install.rdf" file in notepad and change the number between the "maxVersion" brackets to this 3.* or this 3.0.*, after this you shouldn't have any problems :)


If this review is starting to get buried, please re post it so that everyone can benefit from this great add-on.


I hope this was helpful.





SeoQuake SEO extension

Very Usefull, but... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Ok, the actual add-on is excellent, it give you so much info right away it's great. As long as you make sure you use it only when doing SEO work i don't think it will give you problems with G (it hasn't with me yet)

But, and it's a pretty big but, it does look like they grab the Adsense IDs off of the websites you visit, inc your sites, when you use it and then use those IDs for their adsspy.com serves, where they sell information about all the dicerent sites Adsense publishers have under there adsense account!

I asked them politely about where they got the IDs info from and they chose to leave my comment awaiting moderation but did accept other comment that came days later!

This basically confirmed my concerns which is why i've made this review.

Here's my origional comment left on their blog, lets see if they decide to awnser it here????

Well the only question i have is how are you gathering all the adsense IDs?

When i use the SeoQuake add-on do you collect the adsense ids from the sites i visit? If so, does it only happen when i have the SeoQuake add-on turned on? Or does it only happen when i have adsSpy turned on?

Or do you collect adsense ids when we search for site rankings with your over serves, SeoDigger.com?

Or does our operation of your add-ons and website services like Seo digger have no effect on the collecting of site adsense IDs and you collect all ids through other methods that do not need us users?

The truth is i don’t think i want to use your services if you are using us users as a way to grab peoples adsense IDs!

I do think that over all your add-ons and services are great, I’m just not too keen on the whole grabbing peoples adsense IDs thing.

I await your reply


Still if you don't mind this, by the looks of things they are going to get your IDs eventually anyway :(, it is a great tool as is there SeoDigger.com website.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.5).