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Digg Extension for Firefox

VERY NICE but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

there is a lot of room for betterment. Like I have already exaggerated in my title, this is a very useful extension for Digg users.

However I feel that it has so much more untapped potential. THAT is the only reason you lost a pretty, golden star; the only reason I am not in love with it.

Here are two suggestions that I would like to see in the near-future, that would harness the potential and make your extension the favorite add-on among FireFoxDiggers, and make me feel that I need to give you a future
5 out of 5 rating.

While you read this, imagine my voice as one of those fast talking British critics, who you love to hate but hate to love, it is just much more fun that way. Remember that this is just constructive criticism.

One thing you need to know is that I hate the menu bar of the FF browser. I am a visual person and plain text like that always on my browser just pisses me off, in fact I have an extension that puts my menu bar into a little button.

SO the number one thing you need to do is to take it OFF the menu, SO that I don't have to scroll down the flipping ugly text menu bar to your extension.

INSTEAD have it accessible from an icon, I was thinking of the digg icon. NOW this would be able to be put in different places like other icons, you know, like in the "Customize toolbar".
WHAT would stick to this icon like peanut butter and jam would be the "digg it" button,which looks exactly like the one from digg, will change appearance when you mouse over like the one from digg, and will fade out and say "dugg!" after hitting it LIKE the ONE from DIGG, along with the number of diggs the page has, which will update after you digg it, only IF it is a page already submitted, if it has not then the "digg it" button, will be replaced by a button that has the same look and mouse over change but will say "submit it" instead. AND after you click it, and have submitted it on digg, when you are back on the page you had submitted then the button will say "submitted" with the number of diggs it has...

OF COURSE these features will not be enabled unless logged in.
WHICH COULD be a another feature that you add (Logging into Digg on a toolbar) which WOULD be even further greater BUT I am not going to be that pushy.

THAT alone will satisfy me a lot, but I don't think it will earn that final star alone.

2. THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL IN DECIDING WHETHER YOU GET A 5 out of 5 FROM ME, whether you care or not... well, I can't bloody help you with that, now can I?

THIS should be called an error/bug more than a suggestion, BUT I'm not going to be that mean.

WHEN I want to view the descriptions of the stories from your extension it only stays there for approximately less than 5 seconds. THIS PISSES ME OFF! EVEN MORE THAN #1. FIX THIS! I have to move the mouse over it probably around 2-5 times before I get the whole description read.
THIS IS VERY INCONVENIENT, SO what you need to do, is to make it stay there until the mouse pointer is off the title.

IF YOU do these relevantly simple changes in the next month, I AM SURE your link will grow in popularity and appreciation. AND I am POSITIVE that I will give YOU a........


5 OUT OF 5!

There is one other small suggestion that I would greatly appreciate and find as a huge improvement. Although this would not replace one of the 2 suggestions above that are really important, it is something simple that would make a nice change. AFTER you click on a story to link to, then THAT story will be faded out, where you can still see it, but it will show that you have already viewed it and so you will not have to look at the title to realize that.

ALSO another little nice touch that is similar is if you are logged in and have dugg it THEN the digg icon will be next to the title showing you that you have dugg it already.

Cheers, and
thanks for the almost-I'm-in-love-with extension.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.3).