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Check for Updates in Help Menu

Good.. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Quite useful extension as a fast way to check for updates, for those users who
want to control things.
However, it needs a small fix because in recent versions of Firefox, the menu
item "Check for updates" is not translated any more..

Tile Tabs

Excellent ! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is an invaluable extension for active users and web developers, making
possible e.g. to watch multiple content, open search results from google or youtube
in other tabs without the need to leave the results page and much more.

To the developer:
I face a strange glitch in my localized firefox (Greek), which makes the icon of the
toolbar button to be invisible (default theme).
How to reproduce this issue:
1. Install greek firefox or greek language pack.
2. Install "Tile Tabs" and "Classic Theme Restorer".
3. Enter customization mode and select "Small" buttons (Option in bottom-left,
added by CTR) ("Small" = "Μικρά" in Greek).
The icon of Tile Tabs toolbar button disappears..

I face this issue in WinXP, Win7 and Win10, only in Greek and only when the
toolbar button is placed on the main toolbar (default).

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1-Click YouTube Video Download

Translation Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Since its born, traditionally this is the best and most handy video
downloader for me! :-)
I hope some day to become feasible for this extension to download
embedded youtube videos from web sites other than youtube..

However, there is a severe problem in current version (in previous
version too):
It causes high CPU rates for several minutes in random moments,
no matter if i am in youtube or if there are embedded youtube
videos in other sites.
Until this problem is fixed, i enable the extension only when i need
to use it. Not so comfortable way, since it requires a firefox restart.

About translation, i already have translated the extension in my
native language, but how can i submit it??
For the translation to be complete, the string "Copy URL to Clipboard"
should also be localizable.

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Reload Plus

Surely "Plus", but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

No doubt, this is a powerful extension, very handy for active and power
So, first of all, i have to say a Thank you to developer/s for their efforts.

However, there are some problems (in my environment at least..) which i
will try to describe here:

When i installed it on my main profile, all went good.
However, my second experience with this extension after Firefox restart,
was disappointing.. :-(
Simply, it did not works any more.
Its tooltip shows up, but right-clicking the reload button, brings up
Firefox's default context menou.
Sometimes also, does not even works the reload button in its default
function or the shift+click on the button combination.
To force the extension to work, every time i start Firefox, i have to open
the extension manager and disable/reenable the extension.
As i realized later on, the moment i right-click on the button, an error
message is logged in error console:

Error: TypeError: menu.openPopup is not a function
Source file: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm -> jar:file:///C:
/jid0-9XfBwUWnvPx4wWsfBWMCm4Jj69E@jetpack.xpi!/bootstrap.js ->
resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js ->
Line: 315

Initially my mind was playing scenarios about conflicts/incompatibilities
between extensions, but this is not the case, as i concluded later on.
Although my main profile is quite heavy loaded with a lot of extensions and
a large sessionstore.js file, causing a somewhat late Firefox startup, this
is not the reason for Reload Plus to not works.
Examining extensively the case, after many tests and experiments in
various conditions, environments, machines and profiles, i achieved to
found out what is going on "under the hood":
I make use of "Yahoo mail notifier", configured it to check for mails on
Firefox startup.
Having a master password, causes a prompt popup to enter it during
Firefox startup.
I use also an extension which shows my external IP address, configured it
to alert me on IP changes. This also causes an alert popup during Firefox
startup, if have been passed several hours since the last Firefox usage.
These type of popups/alerts during Firefox startup, cause a break of code
loading/initialization, until the user interaction with them.
So, in few words, if i disable all such type of popups/alerts during Firefox
startup, Reload Plus gets loaded and works fine, no mater how heavy
loaded is the profile.
Of course this is not the solution, it's a temporary workaround, because all
other extensions i use are not affected of popups/alerts during Firefox
So, in my opinion, Reload Plus's code initialization should be follow a
different way.

Other issues:

- No localization support!!
I attempted to localize it in my native language, but when i open the xpi i
saw that there is no localization infrastructure implemented.

- There is a confusion about "Auto-Retry Delay" in extension's options and
"Set/Clear Retry Interval" in button's context menu:
Setting the one, the value does not applied also on the other, which keeps
its own value.
The "Auto-Retry Delay" seems to not works at all.
The "Set/Clear Retry Interval" does works, but is applied only on the page
on which has been set a value for it.
So, what exactly should we expect from both features?
Also, assuming they work correctly, under what conditions exactly they
For failed to load pages, for all pages, for loaded and unloaded tabs, for
pinned and normal tabs?
Also, what about if a page contains a form or text fields or a translator like
Google translate, etc?
Obviously there is a need for some clarifications for the above.

I hope all the above to be helpful to developers.
I'm interested also to try a new/beta version in my environment and provide
feedback to developers.


[ Update ]

Thanks for quick response.

I tested quite extensively the version in the link you provided and now i can
confirm that the main problem i reported (popup alerts/prompts during ffx
startup) has been fixed.

However, the rest issues i mentioned remain..

I have also some suggestions:

- The tooltip of the button, though useful, is somewhat annoying, especially in
small screens of laptops/tablets most people use today, due to its large size.
After a "learning" period it becomes redundant to the user.
An option to disable it, restoring ffx's default tooltip, would be good.
Even better, initially will appear ffx's default tooltip and after a delay, if the user
continues to hover the button, will appear the tooltip of R+.

- This is important in my opinion:
The command "Reload All Tabs" should trigger a warning, like ffx's warning
dialog on opening multiple tabs (ffx options > tabs > "Warn me when opening
multiple tabs might slow down Firefox").
Just imagine to reload (intentionally or accidentally) all tabs in a session with
100 or more tabs!
In most cases, simply this means > task manager > kill firefox.exe...
How many computers are so powerful, with so much ram, online via an
astronomic fast internet connection?
The same also applies to the rest three of "Reload..." commands, depending
on how many tabs is their target.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Vertical Toolbar

Almost perfect Rated 4 out of 5 stars

It's very good but there is a problem on using it,
which makes it to be difficult to use:
When the vertical toolbar is hidden and the window
is NOT maximized, it's very hard to make it appear.
This is because, to make it appear, the user should be
a.. robot arm(!) in accuracy, to move the mouse pointer
in the exact point, which is a vertical line in the side
of the window with only one pixel width.
Otherwise, reaching the side of the window with normal
usage of the mouse, gets activated the window resize
handler instead of vertical toolbar! Very annoying..
Consider also the users with disabilities..

There are also conflicts even when the window is
maximized, if reaching the side of the screen
activates some functions of other applications or
even of the operating system.

A good solution to this in my opinion, could be a
"sensitive" vertical area with some pixels width,
instead of a one pixel vertical line (even better, this
width should be adjustable by the user, to fit any
conditions, screen size, etc.).


Thanks for respond Gomita.
However, your recommendation is not the ideal solution,
because it's not so practical and also, it's a compromise,
making vertical toolbar less useful.
Putting the "Always Show" button somewhere in the other
visible toolbars, we have another extra button, while
supposedly we use the vertical toolbar to hide some buttons,
to free up some space, especially in small screens.
This also means extra clicks just to reach the desirable
button and then hide again the vertical toolbar.
Also, when click the "Always Show" button, it "moves"
the entire content area by the width of the vertical toolbar,
which is somewhat annoying.
I use the "Always Show" button occasionally, only if i
have to perform some actions in series via buttons
attached on the vertical toolbar.

The auto hide/show function is one of the main features
of your extension, which makes it so handy and beautiful!

There is also one more case of problem, i forgot to mention
in my first comment:
When there are two monitors on the same computers or
the same mouse is used to control two computers in the LAN
via a program like "Mouse without Borders", if the window is
maximized, it's impossible the vertical toolbar to be activated
via the auto show function, because the mouse pointer just
passes from one monitor to the other.

Personally i can't imagine a better solution, other than an
adjustable "sensitive" area with more than one pixel in
I believe it's not impossible such a feature, because i have
seen this in some other extensions like "Hide Menubar".

Please, try to implement it in vertical toolbar, to make it
absolutely perfect! :-)

Thanks a lot

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.1-signed). 


Very good Rated 5 out of 5 stars

No doubt, this is a very cute, handy and useful extension.
There are just some issues i noticed, which need improvement.

The extension does not works when a tab contains only a picture.
The same also applies to a new tab (about:newtab).

Its button is always highlighted, not indicating its status like in
previous versions (v0.4.7 and earlier).

If MeasureIt is activated in some tab, going to an other tab, its button
needs to be clicked twice to activate it on that tab too.
Also, sometimes the button needs to be clicked twice to deactivate
MeasureIt, but i'm not exactly sure under what conditions this occurs.
However, it's related to toggling tabs.

The bottom-right corner handler of the measure frame (which remains
when you click outside of the frame to close it) has a weird behavior.
Most of the times appears in random places on the page (even outside
of the frame) and dragging it, the new frame is random too.
For this issue, maybe has a relation the "NoScript" extension.

(All above have been noticed on Firefox 21)

I hope this report to be helpful a bit to the developer, to make this
handy tool even better! :-)


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Tab Counter

Does not works on... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

...firefox 3.6..
The counter does not shows up on toolbar (ffx 3.6).
The last version that works also on firefox 3.6 is v1.9.3.
Developer should test the extension on all versions of
firefox he claims it works on..
Otherwise, should drop the support for older versions, except
of firefox 3.6 which is still in use by many people.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Self-Destructing Cookies

Good potential but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This extension has a good potential in terms of privacy and maybe in
performance but, in my opinion, it works with a wrong logic, which makes
it to have no effect in a specific browsing manner.
It deletes the cookies on a per tab basis and not per website or domain.
However, some users may visit many different websites through the same
tab, by clicking on links, opening bookmarks etc.
Even worst, this tab may survive for many days if the user has the habit
to save and restore the session.
SDC will delete the cookies altogether only if this tab is closed.
Otherwise, the user will become soon the proud owner of a huge
collection of cookies!
There is also some other issue, maybe intentionally by design but, i
consider this is a problem, since there is no option for the user to choose
the preferable behavior.
I have set FFx to keep the cookies until i close it, so, every time i restore
the saved session, my tabs are as i left them but the list of cookies is
empty (for performance on start-up reasons, the selected tab when i
close FFx/save session is a new tab).
SDC bypasses FFx's default behavior, causing it to retain the cookies of
all restored tabs, if they have visited in a previous session but after the
installation of SDC.
Therefore, should be an option in extension's preferences for the user to
select the preferable behavior.
I mean the behavior which applies to all websites by default because, it's
not convenient for the user to have all the time in mind to click on SDC's
icon for every website and select what SDC to do for the specific site.
These options in SDC icon's menu are useful when the user just wants to
set an exception for some websites which are the minority.


Hi Ove,
Thank you very much for response.
After your explanations, i understand your position and tend to agree but i
still have some concerns..
Your example about a transaction via Paypal is very clear and good.
However, about how deep is a tab's history (and therefore the collected
cookies) respected by SDC, you should not forget that the modern
machines, especially these with 64bit OS's, have (or may have) huge amount
of RAM and therefor, FFx may retain a very large size of back-forward cache
I have noticed that my FFx, with a few tabs and after a while of browsing,
can easily reserve 1-1,5 Gigs of ram or even more.
Therefore, my opinion for an improvement of SDC, is the possibility for the
user to adjust in extension's preferences the deep of tab's history in terms of
cookies. I mean the number of most recently visited main domains for which
SDC will keep their cookies until the tab is closed, while the older will be
discarded (rather than a on/off option to disable or not the bfcache).

About the second issue, i'm afraid i was not so clear..
If you set for cookies "Keep until: I close Firefox", then Firefox will clear the
list on shutdown, regardless if there are some tabs left open (session to be
SDC changes this behavior of FFx.
You told me "if you would like Firefox to delete a site's cookies on shutdown,
you just mark it yellow" but, as i already mentioned, it's not convenient for
the user to have all the time in mind to click on SDC's icon for every visited
website and mark it yellow.
Also, i haven't marked any domain as green!
Why to do it since i want all cookies to be deleted on FFx's shutdown?
In other words, SDC should not modify FFx's original functionality or you
could make it optional. Now, with SDC installed, the user setting "Keep until:
I close Firefox" has no effect.

There is also another issue as i noticed.
I make use of "Yahoo! Mail Notifier". Upon Firefox startup, this extension
checks for new mail and after that, continues to do so periodically (in the
After i installed SDC, this behavior has been affected too.
Upon Firefox startup, if i delay to click on YMN's icon more than SDC's
default timeframe (10 secs, i have increase it now), SDC deletes Yahoo!'s
cookies and this leads me to Yahoo!'s login page instead of my inbox!
If i click on YMN's icon within SDC's timeframe, i go to my inbox but after i
close Yahoo!'s tab, YMN cannot any more continue to check periodicaly for
new mail, because in the mean time SDC has deleted Yahoo!'s cookies!
YMN appears always as not connected and i have to manually click on its
icon to check for new mail.
For now, i keep Yahoo!'s tab always open during my browsing session, to
"protect" its cookies.
As you can realize, there are also many other similar cases/scenarios, like
the above.

Of course, i know that i could mark green Yahoo!'s cookies but doing so, SDC
loses its main purpose of privacy protection.
Ideal condition for SDC would be if it's possible to mark green only specific
cookies of a website. E.g., only Yahoo!'s login cookie(s) in the above scenario.
As i noticed, technically it's possible to maintain the login status with only
two cookies of the many set by Yahoo! because, making an experiment, i
delete manually Yahoo!'s cookies one-by-one and try to visit Yahoo mail until i
got the two cookies of interest (login status). Maybe one more cookie is
needed for the login procedure.

Microsoft's mail sets far more cookies at all..
Currently SDC can only keep or delete all the cookies of a website,
regardless of the purpose of each one.

So, could you make SDC to be more "discrete"..? :)


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

1-Click YouTube Video Download

Firefox hangs... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

After its latest update to v19.0.2, firefox hangs on Youtube and the only way
is to kill it.. :-( :-(
I'm not sure if this is related to ffx's update or to some internal youtube
changes but, the fact is fact..
To be sure i report to developers reliable feedback, i performed the relevant test
and now i can confirm that this issue occurs also on a new/clean profile with
only "1-Click YouTube Video Download" installed.
Deactivating the extension, the problem is gone..

Also, the link on extension's about dialog is dead.

I hope you fix it..!


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Tab Counter

Very good Rated 5 out of 5 stars

No need to say how cute and useful this small extension is,
i just would like to add one more "Thank you" to its developer..!
However, there is a problem in latest version..
In firefox 3.6, after the update to v1.9.6, the toolbar icon disappeared..
Installing it for first time in a clean profile (ffx 3.6), the toolbar icon
just does not shown up, although its options pane in extension manager
seems to work as used to do in v1.9.3.
I hope you fix it because firefox 3.6 is still in use by many people.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

1-Click YouTube Video Download

! ! ! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Glad to see you back in action..!
I thought this extension was dead for good, but now i'm very
happy seeing it back in life!
It was a big surprise for me when firefox notified me that is available
an update for this small but very useful extension!
However, there are some issues you should have in mind and maybe
resolve them.

--> In ffx 18 the extension works as expected, but in ffx 3.6 does
not work at all.
You should not assume it works on older versions of ffx without
test it on all of them you declare it supports.
In my opinion, you should drop support for very ancient versions
of ffx, but keep it for ffx 3.6, since it is still in use by many users.

--> Since you decided to put a labeled button, you should also
localize it.
You could make it localized automatically in all languages, but
unfortunately there is no standalone string "Download" in ffx's
language pack to use it.
However, there are many standalone strings "Downloads" in many
documents of ffx's language pack and you could use it, since almost
always there are more than one download options in each one
youtube video.
Otherwise, you could register the extension to, to
localize also extension's description and possibly some future

--> A feature request / suggestion:
As you know, there are many websites with youtube videos
So, could you make it work also outside of youtube site? That would
be very cool..!

Thanks :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Good Old YouTube Downloader

Does not works.. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm very sorry to say, but this great extension does not works for me any more.. :(
When i attempt to make a download, i'm getting the following error message in a

[JavaScript Application]
Error trying to extract video URL!
TypeError: XMLHttpRequest is not a function

Clicking ok on this message, it prompts me for the download location (as usual),
but when i click "Save", nothing is downloaded..
Some times, in download manager i see the file i attempted to download, having a size of 0.

(v1.6.1, Firefox 16, Windows 7)

Hi Vítor, many thanks for your fast reaction to resolve the problem and also for
your time to maintain this excellent small piece of software..! Keep walking..
Yes, i can confirm that v1.6.2 does works..! :) :) :)
Thanks again

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Searchbar Autosizer

Still buggy.. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The latest version 2.0.3 is still buggy.
Clicking the button "Assistant", the options panel goes off but the
assistant does not appears.
In error console i get the following error entry:
Timestamp: 28/6/2012 2:00:05 AM
Error: asw is not defined
Source File: chrome://autosizer/content/wizard.xul
Line: 1

Extension's description does not shown in localized instances.
This is due to the lack of file \defaults\preferences\prefs.js and
its corresponding entry which points to extension's description.
However, i suggest to developers to put extension's description
in install.rdf, since the localized method currently used applies
to very old Gecko versions (prior to FFx 3).

Today i noticed another problem:
I have enabled the option "Shrink searchbar to Button if empty".
When i click the button, the search field appears, but clicking
on the icon to show the list to pick another searche engine, the
searce field shrinks to buton again. This is very annoying..
To overcome this behavior, after clicking the button, i have to
type first something in the field to not be empty. Only this way
i can click then on the icon to show the list of search engines.

Thank you for respond Kevin.
I hope and i wish you fix all these issues, because this extension is
really useful, especially in cases of netbooks-laptops that most
people used to use today.
So, Good Luck..

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Tile Tabs

very good Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First of all, congratulations to developer for his efforts!

Now, i think that there is a small distance to be perfect..
In my opinion, the option "Open in next" should be redefined to be more clear. In what "Next"??
About its actual functionality, i don't like it in current version (6.1).
Upon its appearance and until the previous version (6.0) i was very happy
because i could have a layout of two vertical tiles side by side to open links from
one tile to other. Now i can't any more! :(
For example, think about a tile with youtube or google search results to be
open in the other tile.
It was very convenient to me!
So i suggest to developer that, in combination with this feature, should be also another one
to set the behavior (e.g. open in next tile or in new tab).
This way would be happy all users!

Now, about the snap feature of splitters, i don't understand what's the usefulness
the splitters to be able to snap in edges.
In my opinion, it would be far more useful if was possible, dragging a splitter to reach
the splitter of another tile, to automatically be aligned with it reaching the specified
distance. I know that this can be done by double clicking on a splitter but, the
desirable position of the splitters is not necessarily always the center of tiles.

A restored layout from a previous session when firefox starts, breaks the
functionality of firefox "Don't load tabs until selected". Also, in such a case, some
of the inactive tiles show a weird string instead of their content until be selected.
This also applies when one of the inactive tiles contains the extension manager.
As i realize, according to the expected behavior in a restored layout, only the
active tile should be loaded. Otherwise, in a restored layout of several tiles, we
can't utilize the benefit of "Don't load tabs until selected".

I encourage the developer to find good solutions for the above for this invaluable
extension . . ! ! :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.1.1-signed).