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Just plain *HORRIBLE* now. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I too would not give it even 1-star if I could...Last (I was able to) view my old Masked emails, I have been a PAYING customer since masked cards were rolled out.

I have probably 100 masked emails I can't get.

This is *FOrcing me*????? To use Dropbox Integration. WHy?> Local synce was up to date with my Android Sync before..what went wrong> I give *NO ONE* access to my Dropbox.

The very fact it's a "requirement" now is SO HORRENDOUSLY COUNTERINTUATIVE (DID YOU FORGET! Abine represents itself as a *****PRIVACY COMPANY/SOLUTION***********

Therefore, why would I be *REQUIRED* to allow access. to DB?

Oh well, i twas nice while it lasted.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.5.1334.1-signed). 

MaskMe: Online Privacy Protection

One word, OUTSTANDING!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Flawless. I (now) use their "entire suite" of offerings.

Very pleased with the product and customer service. I would give them 10-Stars if I could.

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Dolphin Connect

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

INSTAL. 1.3 before driving self mad looking for a solution (see very bottom of page for "Version History"

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.1-signed). 

Print pages to Pdf

One word, OUTSTANDING!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

In the past, I"ve used Chrome and the "Print to PDF" feature, however It would not always render the page correctly, etc. *HOWEVER*, this app/add-on allows you to print the ENTIRE PAGE, *INCLUDING* the "Side Rail" that is native to PDF, so you can navigate as if were a PDF file. The only downside and i *DO NOT* blame "Print Pages to PDF" if I have too many Tabs and/or Windows opens if P2PDF will *SOMETIMES* crash. However, I have not isolated the problem and think it's more Firefox than P2PDF. (Although I am a FULL TIME user of this. Easily one of my favorite top 10-Apps@ The Ripper THANK YOU for providing an application that is ESSENTIAL to me and you are VERY APPRECIATED for your efforts!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

MaskMe: Online Privacy Protection


Disclaimer:My views might be more impassioned than the average Joe as my Masters degrees is in Information Security.
I think this is an OUTSTANDING extension. I've desired something like this for years. Of course Google offers a pseudo type filter, however RapLeaf, et.al are of course smart enough to factor for that.

Example Google allows you to place a "Period" anywhere in the user name to create a "New" email.
FooBarSpam@gmail.com = Can filter with Foo.Bar.Spam@google.com.

The premise being if receiving too much spam, likely "spam harvesting sites" use the
Foo.Bar.Spam@google.com, create a spam filter in Gmail never see it.

*HOWEVER*, the very spammer are those that sell to RapLeaf other marketing companies, pennies on the dollar as "valid" email addresses. A simple REGEX will strip out the "periods" for gmail and they have your "real" eamail address.

Here is a quote from GigaOM: RAPLEAF (ALONE)--has *ALMOST* 400,000,000 (*NOT A TYPO*--FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND) verifiable email addresses, tied to a unique name with a *HIGH DEGREE* of confidence.

Unfortunately, if you are a member of Facebook/other sites and *NEVER STARTED* with a masked email (or Phone Number), they've already profiled you.

Remember, 100% of any apps you use on FB require you to allow access to "basic" information including Phone/Name/Current City/Age. (it's precisely why if you've signed up for/Beta Testing (I was a Beta Tester) for their "Graph Searching"--dozes of ways to look up someone, thus a "Civilian" with that access, naturally the API would

This is a 2010 article, *CLEARLY* their numbers have "ramped"
By accessing its database of 378,968,953 consumer email profiles, banks, retailers, and anti-fraud firms (all of which it counts among its clients) Rapleaf can quickly confirm legitimate customers and weed out scammers, cutting verification costs and improving the user experience. “Companies spend as much as $100 getting customers to their site. The goal is to filter out the bad people and keep as many good people as possible,” (Joel) Jewitt (Rapleaf’s VP of Business Development) says. “If a customer’s email address is attached to three or four social networking sites with 300 friends, the email likely isn’t fake and the retailer can put that person in the ‘good’ pile.”

Thus why this type extension "service" is 100% necessary. I will never again *NOT* use a "fake email". Even fake names on sites that don't need them for sign up. (the joke I use-don't steal it! ;-) Erik Weisz--Harry Houdini real name ;-)

Trust me, do your research, one of *THE EASIEST WAYS* to profile someone (besides a Social Security Number) is your email address.

This is *PRECISELY HOW* Rapleaf can (with High Degree of Confidence) "Guesstimate" your Net Worth
(again, tie your email to your name and your Zip Code and Phone number--you've given them everything they need.

My Next Post, I'll explain why you should *NEVER* Provide a *REAL* Credit Card number to a site for a "Trial" (and why you should *NEVER* provide your Social Security Number to *ANYONE* besides the I.R.S. (yes, it's *AGAINST THE LAW* for *ANY COMPANY* to *REQUIRE* a Social Security Number for you to use their services (power,cable,phone,etc.---Explained on next post)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.33.329.1-signed.1-signed).