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Mustafa Bhaji

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Developer Information
Name Mustafa Bhaji
User since March 12, 2012
Number of add-ons developed 0 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Not yet rated

My Reviews

Firefox Lightbeam

Icon not showing? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'll second gentmatt's comment. I use NoScript set to global deny, and have Collusion running, apparently almost correctly.

The only bug which afflicts my installation is that Collusion's icon might not show in the Add-on Bar. If, when starting Firefox, there is no Collusion icon in the Add-on Bar, then go to about:addons, find Collusion, click on the 'Disable' button, pause, then click on the 'Enable' button. Now the Collusion icon is visible? It works for my Firefox.

"Before that: Collusion showed pged that were linked to my computer, even those that were not loaded. Even the cookies of these pages were deleted but Collusion continued to show all the pages."

Cookies are more complicated. They don't need JavaScript, and "third party" cookies come from websites not showing in the address bar.

By all means delete any cookie that takes your fancy; however, Collusion is not reporting on what is in your cookie cache, it reports on what it 'saw' go in to the cache. Deleting a cookie does not change that detail.

"edit2: those looking for an add-on to block trackers. Check out DNT+ on"

Surely, the Do Not Track option merely asks trackers to be nice and pass over an opportunity to track?

Use Adblock Plus + filter list and leave the tracking oddments on the trackers' servers? No downloading; no logging of download destination; no tracking? Um. Cookies help with tracking; especially third party cookies.

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Nearly enough Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This add-on lacks only one thing; a log file of the content of the drop-down tab which is presently the only way IPvFox reveals the URLs and IP addresses which the add-on collects.

Admittedly, these URLs and IP addresses can be highlighted and copied to the Clipboard with Ctrl-C [No right-click context menu copying with my copy of Firefox 11]; however, this is avoidably tedious and the copied text then needs formatting to separate the data into two field records for sorting and de-duping.

If IPvFox pasted the URLs and IP addresses into a log file along with the URL showing in the address bar, that would be a great help if someone wanted to be picky about which third party remote hosts were to piggy-back on calls to intended websites.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics

Still broken, but is usable! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Not working on Firefox 4 !
DOES NOT WORK ON FIREFOX 5- Please help :-)
Not available for Firefox 10.0.2

I had the same problem during the span of several upgrades to new versions of Firefox; however, now that I have crept up to version 10.0.2, yes 10.0.2!, I found that the 'Menu Bar\Tools\Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics' option from before the modernised [US: 'modernized'], Chrome-copy-cat, style will open the pop-up control panel as normal. The pretty new orange 'Firefox' button in the new modernised [US: 'modernized'], Chrome-copy-cat, style seems not to provide access to a modern, Chrome-copy-cat, alternative to the old-fashioned 'Menu Bar\Tools\Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics' option!

The Upload and Download tests, and the 'Show Configuration' function, operated as normal in 10.0.2 [Used once so far]. However, the 'Diagnostic Test' has never worked for me as my Internet service passes through [US: 'thru' ! ;p] a USB modem, not the 'normal' landline connections.

I have found the add-on to be too quick to cut in when a website/server is slow in responding to Firefox's attempts to download a web page, and, in 10.0.2, the add-on is still unable to open the [in-browser] diagnostic page correctly. [The red, black, and grey/gray, image at the right hand side of the three images towards the top of this page. (.../thumbs/21/21819.png)]