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Tab History Menu (modified)

Indispensable Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great extension and a real keeper. I used the original Tab History Menu until it stopped working for me, and I really missed it. I'm glad to have the improvements in this new version.

Let me add my voice to the request for hovering history for all tabs, not just the active tab. That's pretty essential. Also being able to right-click on an entry and have it open in a new tab without bringing along the rest of its history is important.

I find the persistence period of the dropdown to be too short. About a third of the time I find I have to quickly jerk the mouse down into the dropdown or else it disappears the instant the mouse pointer crosses over the tab's border. This is especially troublesome when there are only one or two entries in the list because of a tendency to overshoot the bottom of the list which then closes it.

Ordinarily, I keep many tabs open at once because links often lead me to sidetrack in diverse directions. Periodically I stop and "clean house" by closing a series of tabs after I double-check their history to be sure there is nothing I need to backtrack to or start in a new tab. To make this easier, I'd like to see the first entry in the history list be to close the tab. It's easier and faster to click it than to move back to that minuscule "x" close button. As it stands now, when Firefox pops up the tab title it covers most of the first line anyway. If I can't make out the first line, it may as well always be "Close this tab". Another advantage to this is that I can turn off the tab's "x" close button and gain a little extra space for the tab title.

We're all looking forward to a new version to see what improvements you'll offer. Thanks for continuing to develop this great addon.

Fastest Search - Browse/Search Faster!

Versatile, Powerful and Intelligently Designed Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Fastest Search is one of those hidden gemstones in an ocean of addons. The author has clearly put a lot of thought in HOW users interact with his program, and not simply provide a laundry list of features. The program is imbued with numerous thoughtful, intuitive innovations that improve how one makes use of its power, such as the intelligently designed predictive features that reduce time an effort – thus the name “Fastest”.
The program may seem overpowering at first blush – and it is, but only because of the number of powerful tools it contains. Everything is well documented on the author’s site including video tutorials. Be patient and you will be richly rewarded. The best approach to learn about its features is divide and conquer. The program is divided into three parts: Searching within a web page (or optionally across all open tabs); Searching the web; and Productivity Shortcuts, both speed key and mouse.
I looked for a good page searcher for some time until I came across Fastest Search. As the name suggests, it is blazingly fast, but the real gems are the features. It is the only search program I have found that supports regular expressions. In addition to the usual highlighted terms, you are offered a choice between a traditional search box containing the common options or an immediate Find-As-You-Type method depending on your preference at the moment. The results are displayed three ways: a proportional match distribution bar with color-coded markers that jump directly to a match and which also displays a preview popup when they are hovered over; a location box with live elements; and an optional context box presenting a list of the matches and the sentences in which they appear, also directly clickable.
Web searches have a rich set of automation and options, making it both flexible and versatile. For example, a search term is quickly analyzed to determine the order of appearance for the many search engines presented for you to select from. Thus a single word will rank dictionary engines before others; foreign words invoke translation engines; a stock ticker name selects financial engines, and so on. All this can be tailored by the user according to needs. Any desired search engine(s) can be invoked by mnemonic shorthand, either singularly or by a user defined group containing specialized engines such as those for blog searches or technical or financial engines. Or, simply a group of your most favored engines. Individual engines can also be simultaneously searched by stringing together their shorthand aliases.
Usability enhancements provide convenience and empowerment. Many options make Fastest Search very configurable to tailor it according to each user’s tastes. The program is peppered with nifty command nuances and intuitively clever shortcuts like dragging to save images or opening links to the left or right of the current tab, in either the foreground or background. You can save your home or business address so that selecting a location from a page automatically maps the best route to take. An example of one of the nuances I use is the Autocopy feature to collect partial sections of the web page. I select a block of text, click my note-taker icon and select “Paste into note”. True, it only saves a tap of the Ctrl-C keys, but my hand never leaves the mouse and that makes it faster. Fastest Search expands Firefox’s Awesome Bar capabilities by adding additional keyword suggestions and instant search results from multiple user chosen search engines. And so much more. All in all, a truly elegant program.
Oh, and did I mention no restart of Firefox is necessary, making it one of the easiest extensions to experiment with. Give it a try; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.31.1-signed).