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Flawless Implementation of Privacy Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The problem with blocking trackers and so forth is that it normally causes slowdowns.

This is visible if you use for example Ublock (any privacy filter or any multipurpose filter) you will encounter slowdowns on sites such as groupon and have no ideal why?

It's because they function like black and white and though this is good for you privacy, it's a nightmare for performance. The reason is some sites refuse to finish loading content until they have planted theirs seeds or cookies. What ghostery does is nagivate this landscape for you and decide which seeds are good and which are toxic, dispose of the bad ones, keep the good ones so the site can load without "Access Denied" lag that you get for privacy filters which literally keep the site from loading sometimes for upwards of 10 seconds.

Any user serious about browser performance should disable any privacy list and multipurpose list in their adblock addon and use Ghostery instead.

uBlock Origin

Best adblock manager, Worst Privacy Manager Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Essentially Ublock has a lot of filters that introduce lag which is the reason for the title of this review. However, Ublock in the described configuration (not default) + Ghostery is the best you can get.

Now unbeknownst to most, the greater the filter list especially above 100k total, the more the slow down. For these two reasons my filter list is as follows:

My third Filters are:
Ublock Ressource Abuse
Malvertizing filter list by Disconnect (4918)
EasyList without element hiding rules (32805)
Adguart English filter (10559)
Total: approx 50K

As opposed to for example, EasyList which by itself is 75K + all the others you would add on so most users are in the 100K spectrum which affects their performance. The multipurpose and privacy filters introduce further lag. For these reasons, Ublock should not be used for privacy. Instead I use ghostery because it properly handles the privacy without slowdowns. Combined and configured as above, these two are the Top Gun Tank that every user should hire. Its interesting that all the freedom of customization, for most users, will usually lead to unnecessary lag and slow down even with the default filters.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.14.10).