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Webmail Ad Blocker

good but ... Rated 2 out of 5 stars

this is not bad and it used to work efficiently in the past but ever since i switched to Yahoo!'s new email client interface last night, the 'Webmail Ad Blocker' started working erratically ...

for example, the left side panel's ad is gone totally but the top side and right side panels ads are still there, although the right side panel shows only one ad instead of two ...

some new updates / upgrades are due perhaps ...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel

doesn't work for me! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

this must be a good add-on to stop ads on the right side panel of Yahoo!'s email client but it didn't work for me! it only works on the left side panel's ads but the top and right side panel ads are still there!

i think the problem is mostly because i switched to the new Yahoo! email client interface recently and it can 'bypass' such add-ons because another webmail ad blocker add-on did work fine on the previous version of the Yahoo!'s email client anyway ...

now, the point is, i like this new Yahoo! email interface and i'm not going to switch back really! the problem may as well be Firefox or Google Ads related because some websites do still manage to show off their ads ...

Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags

works, BUT! Rated 2 out of 5 stars

well, i just installed this mostly out of curiosity rather than need really ...

and i guess curiosity almost killed the cat because after i installed this, sounds like it harmed some Firefox's important and vital files too! (read the next paragraph for details please!)

i realized although this little thingy does what it says it's going to do but sometimes (at least 30% of the time) tags are either incomplete or, occasionally totally irrelevant! that is of course not this thing's flaw, but a glitch on Facebook's behalf, so ...

_ _ _


but even worse, what bothered me most (and i'm not sure if this add-on did it or it was the work of some other bugs infecting my computer from somewhere else) apparently, my most recent Firefox sessionstore file was deleted and i lost all of my most recent (2 days old) open windows/tabs and could not retrieve them!

tried whatever trick i could to retrieve the lost sessionstore file but all failed and in the end, had to use the last usable sesssionstore.bkp i had, which was nearly 3 months old ...

and that's rather odd, because i should have had more recent sessionstore.bkp file, such as those only a few days or a week or so old, right?
_ _ _

* my advice to anyone reading this: make sure you back up your latest Firefox sessionstore file manually and on a folder other than Mozilla's profile folder in your C drive!

_ _ _

hint: this happened on a Windows 10 Home version btw ...

before running Firefox and finding out that i had lost my most recent windows+tabs, i had run a clean up and then i had also used the Optimize (Win 10's new term to replace Defrag!) to rearrange bits and pieces on the drive C: ...

in the clean up process, i had also let the program delete all old but the most recent restore points ...

but the above is to do with Windows' own restore points, not other programs installed on the system ... besides, if Windows clean up was the culprit that removed Firefox's most recent sessionstore files, then why did it keep a few of the older ones too?


is this up to date? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

installed it but doesn't work ...
current Firefox version: 44.0.2
(hint: did have some status bar working finely until a few days ago but have no idea if it were Firefox's own or an add-on?)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2015.