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Awesome Screenshot Plus - Capture, Annotate & More

Wonderful When Working, Heartbreaking When Broken Rated 3 out of 5 stars

In the past, I have adored Awesome Screenshot, so much so that if a Firefox update wasn't compatible with it, I would hold off on the update until Awesome Screenshot caught up, even if it was my only add-on that wasn't compatible. It has been a lifesaver.

Fast forward to a week or so ago. A dear, favorite website of mine shut down for good, and I had to grab a few screenshots of old posts and pictures and other things to have as keepsakes. I made a folder on my computer to hold the screenshots and figured all was well, just as it always HAD been.

I decided to look at some of the shots last night and my new folder was empty. Odd. I figured I'd maybe accidentally saved them to the wrong folder. I search my computer up and down and could NOT find them. Surely they HAD to be SOMEWHERE because of course Awesome Screenshot had never let me down before.They weren't there. They weren't ANYWHERE. Come to find out (through testing I did today) AS hasn't been saving ANYTHING for who knows how long. So I didn't lose those screenshots from a now dead website (that I can't even capture in Google Cache) - they were never saved in the first place!!

I know this is just a program and those were just screenies, but I'm beside myself. There's nothing in the WORLD I can do to get those screenshots now, the site is completely gone. And there were so, SO many memories....things I wanted to at least have a shot of, like taking any picture with a real camera. I've just lost out and I'm so upset. I should have checked that folder to make sure they were being saved, but it never dawned on me because AS has never failed me in the past. Sometimes you can't can't capture a full page, but I always chalk that up to coding or scripts or whatever.

I have lost out on something that really meant a LOT -- A LOT -- to me, and there's nothing I can do. Any program can fail you, obviously....I just hope this issue can be fixed, and soon (and yes, I know you can save shots to Cloud or AS's site...never had the need until now). All I can say is PLEASE, if it is an important screenshot, PLEASE double/triple/quintuple check and make sure the thing is actually saved. Don't rely on the program to do what it is meant to do alone -- check check check!! Learn from my heartbreak, PLEASE.

*even with my awful digital loss, I'm still giving AS three stars because I have genuinely loved this add-on.

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