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Fess Google Bookmarks Extension

Parts don't work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I thought this would be a good replacement for Gmarks, but I am not sure now. While the bookmarks do open using the nav bar button, the icons at the top are misaligned with the hover labels, so it is hard to select the right button. I really preferred the menu bar anyway, so I changed to that presentation, but none of the links open. I have tried left and right clicking, but nothing ever opens. I don't know what to do now. Maybe they will fix it so it actually works.

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PDF Viewer(discontinued)

PDF troubles continued Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Still encountering sites that cannot open PDFs correctly or at all in FF with this extension, but can open no problem in Chrome (which I would rather not use). Since others are not seeing what I am, the two of the sites I use regularly that I am having trouble with are Xcel Energy (I have to view my online bill in PDF) where you cannot right-click on the link to the bill to download the PDF, you can only open it directly. JS displays all of the fonts incorrectly. And if I download from there, the fonts stay messed up. And Quicken, where it would even let me open the PDFs at all in FF (but I could in Chrome again).

Here is an example to share. Open this in Windows, Chrome on the Mac or Google Docs, and you see the real PDF. Open with JS extension and it is just wrong in many ways.

Before I moved to FF12, I was happy with a third-party extension for v3. I want real PDFs in the browser again and not this rendering that doesn't work most of the time.

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PDF Viewer(discontinued)

Only OK Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Yes, it sort of opens PDFs in the browser, but the format is often wrong and it is constantly reloading when you scroll through the pages since it doesn't download a file (like on a PC). And you cannot download the actual PDF unless you turn it off. The option to download in the extension gives you the lousy js version instead of the real PDF file. Why can't Firefox open a PDF on a Mac like it can on a PC and like Chrome can on a Mac?

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FF 12 has overlay problem so can't access all Rated 4 out of 5 stars

LOVED Gmarks with v3.x and earlier.

With Firefox 12, if you do not scroll down fast enough (or it stalls while scrolling, which happens often), you cannot get to certain folders or unlabeled marks before a folder's child list opens and covers the parent list preventing access to the parent list. And there is no way to close the child list without leaving the parent list too and starting over.

This was not a problem with v3.x. That version truncated the mark labels so that the child lists always opened to either one side or the other of the parent.

Another problem is that even when you have a child list that doesn't completely cover the parent, you still cannot scroll up and down the folder list. The current folder's child list just stays open. This was definitely not a problem in 3. You could choose up and down the parent list of folders and child lists would open appropriately.