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Name TG2
User since Oct. 5, 2011
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User Agent Switcher

No option to only switch for some sites Rated 3 out of 5 stars

it may or may not work properly .. didn't test only installed so I could see if there was an option to selectively switch UA on specific sites.

For the record, I'm looking to do this for any google entity so that I can block their f**ked up new sign in page. They use the agent string as one of the keys for presenting their latest "new" login page, which permanently associates the login rather than let the user select or not, the "remember me" check box.

If you add this feature (auto-spoof list or auto-switch based on host/domain) in the future, please send an update my way and I'll install and update a review then.

Element Properties

not working as well as expected FF8 Rated 3 out of 5 stars

it doesn't always work .. or I should say doesn't always show on the right click context menu .. case in point I'm looking at a graphic on a dishnetwork page, right click the graphic and there's no "properties" there.. there is a "view background image" and after selecting that, I get the image on a page by itself ... and THEN right clicking that image I get a properties and it shows the information I'd expect.. but I've no clue why it isn't displaying on *EVERYTHING* like it did when I first installed the plugin under 5 or 6.

Its disappointing when Mozilla programmers act as arrogantly as Microsoft or Google in only giving us what *they* think is important ... but because they don't find a feature useful to the 98th percentile it *must* be unnecessary and must be wasteful of what? 30 lines of code? a 100 lines of code? in the grand scheme of things even a 1000 lines of code is nothing compared to the final program. So disappointing.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.1-signed). 

Feedly - Beyond Google Reader

Another disappointment Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Feedly people .. first I'm sorry but you won't get it unless you get the 1 or zero star ratings so that you can see you've failed ...

To the rest of us, where do we start? What was I looking to replace? Google's newest incarnation of their Reader. In November 2011 google started rolling out yet another change of interface, without giving users a choice to stick with what they already had and.. oh.. gee.. maybe preferred? ...

So in searching I found loads of new sites that are aggregaters yet with each one something similarly horrific. Feedly was just about "there" but for lack of two or three things .. firstly I'm looking for what google's reader was ... left side I have my named RSS Feeds, folders, etc.. and in feedly this is there.. BUT ... it auto hides! AND NO VISIBLE WAY *NOT* to have it auto hide.. this makes for great visual field of depth and additional space etc.. BUT IT SUCKS IF YOU DONT LIKE SUCH THINGS!

Basic.. I want a list format, two lines per item on the right side, top line is the title of an rss article, second line is at least one full sentence from the article's summary ... or maybe even two lines ... etc.. but no.. that's not an option!

I mean really do you people (the ones making this stuff) not look at what's already out there and say. *I'll duplicate that look first ... and then give options to change it up, make it better, add X Y or Z" ??

How can you NOT start with what people already have and then build upon that as a progressive and forward fully formed process/app/layout .. and not give a tie to a "classic" view ... or extend the option from classic?

its just like in Microsoft's Outlook, or in Thunderbird.. Folders and sub folders left side (folder and RSS names left side) right side 1 line, 2 line, 3 line, or full title and summary (variable line based on RSS feed and how much an author or summary is written) ... 1/2/3/full & "upto" full w/mono vertical spacing ..
Widget mode .. with widgets that you can drag to *expand* etc..

Long story short ... if you were looking for something identical to what Google Reader WAS .. Feedly doesn't support that right now.. that auto hide bullsh*t is for the birds.. especially without giving you the choice to *NOT* auto hide ... and then the rest of it was tolerable.. I mean they don't auto hide a "quick select" widget on the right side.. WTF did you have that concept there but not on the left? I'm done with this add-on .. its being removed.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.1.1-signed.1-signed). 

Duplicate in Tab Context Menu

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I'm sorry but I can't rate this higher than 2. There are no options, and it does not respect the "Tabs" option settings to change to new tab when its created. While it may duplicate the functionality of Shift D .. its still not as useful as it could be.

"Duplicate This Tab" has this functionality and more (though at the cost of keeping the single click option available (it puts the duplcate tab into the second level context menu rather than on the initial right click context menu.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (