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Embedded web server

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Not a substitute for POW Webserver; not by a longshot.

Thumb down for false advertising.

"Please read the installation directions" sure, um... docx format? so, I managed to somehow convert this unmanagable file into something readable. Read that: it sucked (and don't get me started on the typos). No wonder they put it away in proprietary format on a slo-o-ow server.

Thumb down for poor documentation.

"Create a folder 'BrowserServer' in C:" Great. Another drain on my prescious C drive; a limited resource, that. If this can't go wherever I want it to (even if the setup/config data must be someplace static), I'm gonna run out of storage real quick.

Thumb down for rigid design.

"The port this server listens to is 50000." Why on Earth should that be hard-coded? It's not that I can't re-route from another port so this still thinks it's being contacted on port 50000. But still...

Another Thumb down for rigid design.

"Please open a new window to run other activities in parallel (not a new tab)." Sheesh. If this is gonna become unstable because I forget which window is running it, or I open a local html file and it happens to open into the window this plugin expects to be its own (because that's a likely hazard), the only thing this does that cannot be done better by a tab with a html5 document and websockets instead of a plugin (when firefox gets that far with html5) is the allowed size of storage space.

Thumb down for expecting this to fail at a hard glance.

So, how do I make this server do stuff? No scripting of any kind? At all? That just sux, bigtime. Sure, I could build the database and other goodies in the visitor's browser with javascript, from hardfile data sets. But with no means to take user input, it's gonna be just static data. This needs a scripting langage (and javascript is already available in the browser if the developer would care to use it), file system access (read and write, which is also in the browser's internal services), and a database (again, it's there, if this plugin would care to access it).

Thumb down for lack of functionality.


If what you're after is a simple 'deliver the hardfiles you put there' server, available to everyone who knows it's there or goes fishing on port 50000, then this is for you.

And a Thumb up (yup, you read right) for this being up-to-date with firefox version plugin restrictions, because that's a hazzle.

But if you want a server that can actually do something, look elsewhere.

I'm gonna stick with POW (outdated and quirky as it may be), because it's still by far the better choise. Though, I _AM_ gonna check back and see if this becomes an alternative at some point.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.1-signed).