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Speed DNS

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

works great, i wish to see an enhanced version which is mainly developed around "keeping alive" the links (hosted or shared) ... and much less involved in previewing thumbnails of every link


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Now that the speed of my Firefox is again increased with what we can call the more relaxed version of mozNetworkPrioritizer resulted from a combination of two unique add ons, one imported from Safari and the other from the entertainment world of Kutless band fans we can still be looking around for a replacement of moznetworkprioritizer, but not a relaxed one with just 75% up to 90% of its features, ... if possible lets try having a 100% replacement of that excellent extension of Firefox 3.5+ And I found SaveMemory which is a manual turn off and on of the opened tabs changing their status from active to inactive and back, while almost completely removing them from the RAM visibly gaining more RAM. The difference between this SaveMemory and mozNetworkPrioritizer is just of "user" ... SaveMemory requires from users a manual, human control of the opened tabs ... which works fine when we have under 25 tabs opened. Users of mozNetworkPrioritizer are certainly working with more than 25 tabs or are rather moving fast from a site to another or a tab to another and the add on does its things automatically without the need of manual control. Was just one complaint to this add on (leaving us to figure out) saying that the more we use SaveMemory the higher the paging file will be ... and the uncontrolled increase of paging file is the cause of crush or slow down for many old processors, but the complaint is really one of a kind: the add on doesn't save or cache, doesn't record anything when "pausing" the tabs (setting them to inactive mode). It says "pause" but actually it shuts down the site activity in the browser, leaving the tab opened and storing the address in history. Why would a PC need more paging file when is closing sites previously opened? Sure wouldn't need it and the complaint is a sign of how few things people know about the best extensions of Firefox.

Official Kutless Theme and New Tab King extension

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The New Tab King extension 3.6.6 is saving me a lot of trouble because of one check box, down the list in the general settings page, which is missing from the other versions of New Tab King available. Kute theme :)


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent job, with every site downloaded i discover that "Fission" is focusing the whole Firefox agenda on the active Tab where the site is downloaded.
One active tab with one more priority given by the progress bar moved from the ambiguous and too general window status bar to the more particular tab's address bar is all i was missing when an update for the mozNetworkPrioritizer 0.3 add on is still far from coming up.
I have now the priority on my active tab restored for as long as the site is downloaded.
And stands in my collection as the first interesting idea imported from Safari.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

excellent theme

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

i tried the theme again and now everything works as it should

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

i like the green as it is ... i say it just to replu to the last guy who felt poisoned by a theme he actually liked

but i don't like that as soon i installed the theme some of the browser context menu items were not displyed anymore
and also i coyld not log in some applications using tons of flash

Multi Links

excellence Rated 5 out of 5 stars

browsing goes "extreme"

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Tab Metrics

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

excellent work,
if i am not wrong with Google Chrome we can already survey the browser running applications and their respective need of pc resources.
wish to see more from FF 3 (the new 4 version announced will not be used frequently ... i need my status bar and if possible more than 1 status bar)


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

a good idea "Operator lets you combine pieces of information on Web sites with applications in ways that are useful. For instance, Flickr + Google Maps, Upcoming + Google Calendar, Yahoo! Local + your address book, and many more possibilities and permutations."

brought into my mind the the idea of "borrowing" already running applications results from wwweb and bringing them into virtual operating systems and from there to our terminals ..

unfortunately after the installation i discovered a GREY (turned off) status bar button and a a similar toolbar ... perhaps not installed when using some personas or without repeated restart

and no manual guide "click and discover" for how to make your add on useful to anyone who doesn't know "how to"

is very possible that your add on doesn't work anymore
however for its huge potential is on my list of great add ons for Firefox


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

still waiting the update for FF 3.6
as you just said readers of Mozilla Add ons collections will find this:

This add-on is incompatible with Firefox 3.6+ because it's already built in!

Unfortunately is not the only thing that Firefox tries without success.
Not long ago someone said that the REINDEXing function is not necessary since is integrated into Firefox and would be enough a Vacuumizer add on to make browsing work "in an instant". This assumption settled aside the performant add on SQLite Optimizer in the favor of various Vacuumizers. I was not tricked by the idea of separating Reindexing from Vacuumizing. And I am not tricked by the integration of moz Network prioritizer into FF 3.6

I know this extension runs better when acting as an add on ... when its main attributes are overiding the internal FF settings at any of my tab switches. It cannot prioritize if it doesn't take the last decision about "where is my new focused tab" after the past switches from tab to tab .... without any delay sometimes required by internal FF considerations.

This is in my opinion the major flaw of the integration of this add on in FF 3.6 and I wait for an update.

(this review was meant as an answer to your blog about the updating of this add on for FF 3.6 posted here:http://zpao.com/articles/24-per_tab_network_prioritization_update)


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

with right click you open the silverlight settings and increase the Silverlight storage to 25MBsome say that Windows4All project was really cute and somewhat better than SiveOS ... I say that Windows4All project is closed.Having a virtual operating system project available as far as a mouse click makes this add on the next best extension after Memory Fox in my favorites.You'd think that a virtual OS is CPU consumming and GPU sharing (wasting) ... actually it shows me the bases of a world wide web platform for sharing "running" applications which do not require "download/install" making Firefox more desirable and more stable when running applications requiring "web users interaction".Some people emphasizes that FlashBlock, AdBlock, and ImageBlock, Text Block, Color and Font Accessibility are ways to improve the speed of Firefox ... If so I don't see why are they still using a browser. And if not SiveOS is showing quite the opposite of this attitude. If Firefox would be installed on this SiveOS cross web sharing platform ... would be running better than now, but ... unfortunately today the project is in the phase of having SiveOS installed as extension of Firefox.Please understand that the browsing speed is all i am interested in and make this change.

Memory Fox

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

SQLite Optimizer 0.7.7 by c_sar is the best Reindexing and vaccumizer addon saving system from a hard work. With Memory Fox 5.2 the RAM is subsequently saving RAM and making it available for more applications.
Both will stand one step away in my favorite collection.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.2). 


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

One of the mass installers available today is CLEO, is either most up to date or most complex if we follow and use its promised features.
Some may not understand how to use it even after downloading the FEBE extension.
And like was already said before in reviews some of the preferences of the extensions backed up with FEBE were not saved and reinstalled by CLEO.
Anyway ... I'll keep an eye on Chuck Baker's products and use them because as he said the extensions collections can be shared with web users through only one click on the (collection) package address.
At this hour CLEO is part of the best to have extensions especially if you work with 20-30 or more and have to reinstall them oftenly.

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View Dependencies

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

As soon developers were getting closer to "open new tab in the background" idea saving memory, allowing quicker graphic load etc (several advantagees) someone thought for the first time probably that if opening a new application in the "background" of an already exisiting one will speed up the whole system performance (input/output oriented ... pipelining bandwith, loading heavy graphic contents faster) then why not having every browsing activity opening in the background the publicly known today "page info" from where the "dependencies view" intentionally substracted ... missing. Instead we experienced a huge invasion of pop ups in the web history including their dark side users.
Now i feel "enlightened". Thank you!
Best graphic and bandwith speed up process at the smallest price.

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SQLite Optimizer

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

the very best add-on mentioned by mozilla add-ons collections which makes firefox browsing superior to any other browsers ... by means of "smoother" and "quicker"
there are several comments in favor of this add -on ... i will care more about who claimed this add-on is not "so good" as it seems after using it awhile
1. by Thomas Bertels on January 28, 2010 # says that is useless to have REINDEX ... is enough to have VACUUM and perhaps Thomas knows that there are tools based just on Vaucum, but let's read again what is the developer of this add-on saying in his last 2 paragraphs:

"Developer Comments

What is REINDEX?
Restructuring of index. There is data without the index, and arrange them and do up to date because the indexthat has not been used oppositely any longer comes out when you repeat the addition and the deletion of data.

What is VACUUM?
Bury the space made after useless data is deleted from the data base and make it to compact."

... from here we understand (when we are open minded) that Reindexing if is done separated from Vacuum will be same burden by the unused data coming from our previous browsing activity, REINDEX even if done automatically by Firefox 3.6 will just repeat the same history without interruption, no vacuumizer extension if separated from reindexing will not bring anything new ... and as we were told vacuumizers sometimes do not even work as were programmed ... this why the developer integrated both the reindex and the vacuumizer in one extension and what vacuumizer is doing is not going to be ignored by Reindexing ... as in the solution suggested by Thomas Bertels
2. someone suggests that this SQLite optimizer will come into conflict with the Firefox updates ... and we remember that if we turn of the "automatic updating services" our browsing gains more control and performance ... so if it would come into conflict, (but actually it doesn't) then everything is just going to make the Firefox broswer better
3. and for sure this extension will not affect Xmarks ... as long as is still something firefox must remember according to one of its extensions or according to one of its services firefox accesses from the web then that thing will be remembered and not "vacuumized"

now in the end i remeber what he said:
"Andrew_C on January 19, 2010 #

Just what the doctor ordered! My FF install was getting sluggish and occasionally pausing, this appears to cleared up the worst of that."