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Cannot open link in a new tab Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I cannot open a link in a new tab. I want to open 5 different links from the same page and have each open in a new tab, so that I can quickly switch between them once the pages have loaded. I tried recording Ctrl+Click on each link, but when I replay the DejaClick recording, it opens each link in the SAME tab. Useless (I could just as well click each link myself). I tried right-clicking each link and clicking "Open in new tab." When I replay that, DejaClick does something - according to its status bar - and then waits forever. Perhaps it is waiting for the new page to load, but it never does, so DejaClick never continues the script. In desperation, I tried duplicating the tab and the left-clicking the link, then duplicating the tab and left-clicking the next link, etc. Upon replaying the script, DejaClick simply opened each link in the same tab once again. I even tried opening each link in a new window, but that was no better than opening each link in a new tab.

I am giving it 2 stars because in the 2 years since my first review, they seem to have added the ability to record a relative URL (unlike a couple of years ago). I mean if I am using otherwise identical pages for different data and I click links that pass a variable indicating the record, DejaClick now correctly keeps the variable from the page I run the script from rather than using a hard-coded value from the original page I recorded from. There is some hope they will improve the program. I expected they would have improved it even more since last I looked at it, however.

I can see that if you are simply trying to get from Point A to Point Z in a website, all within the same tab or window, DejaClick could be very useful. But I bookmark the exact page I want, so navigating through a bunch of pages is rarely a need I have. And I use a password mangager (LastPass) to fill in forms and login information, so DejaClick does not help me there, either.

DejaClick may help someone (so I give it 2 stars), but not me, sorry to say. I am uninstalling it.

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Tag Toolbar

Great to Use, Setting Up Categories Not Intuitive Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I loved the simplicity until I started experimenting with adding a category. Most people would not put tags within categories and so this would not be an issue. Also, if you do manage to set up tags within categories, using them is easy.

I would rate as 4.5 if I could, but I gave it 5 stars because the features are good and the utility is excellent.

Instructions for those who want to set up tags within separate category folders:

1. Click the drop-down on the toolbar and click Edit. This brings up a Preferences window.
2. Make sure you are on the "Edit Categories" tab.
3. Click the "New" button.
4. Replace "New Category" with the name you want for your category/folder.
5. Do not try to move any tags you see on the right side of the window to the left. It does not work (or at least did not for me). We need to add tags a different way.
6. Click the "OK" button.
7. Right-click on the toolbar and pick Show-> Category.
8. Click your new category, then click "New tag..."
9. Name your tag. Optional: Click the button to the right of the tag name to assign a color.
10. Click OK.
11. Right-click on the toolbar and pick Show-> Text.

You have now succeeded in adding a new tag to a new category. Use the drop-down button on the left side of the toolbar to switch between showing all tags and just the tag(s) of your category(/ies).

By the way, note that "Recent Tags" shows the most recently used tags regardless of category.


Do the Same Thing but on Different URL Links? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Dejaclick is great for some things but I still can't figure out how to get it to do what I need. I go to a particular page that displays general information for a stock. That page has links for further details on THAT particular stock. I want to open about 6 links, all in new tabs. I turned the recording on, right-clicked the first link, picked "copy link location", opened a new tab, pasted the copied URL into the URL box and clicked ENTER, then repeated with the next link and so on. At first it looked like it worked great - until I realized that it hard-coded all the URLs instead of copying them anew from the links I wanted. That means, for example, that if I want stock information for stock symbol KND, I get stock information for stock symbol ANTM instead, because that's the one I used when I created the recording. That's not useful at all. Is there a way to do what I want? (If I could just copy and paste links I think it would work, but there may be an alternative.)

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Color toggle

Simple is Good Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Sometimes something simple makes a huge difference. Your software reduced seven clicks to one. Seven clicks was far too cumbersome to be worth changing colors on websites, when I would have to change the colors back for the websites where my color scheme didn't work. Now I have a usable solution. Thanks bunches!

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No Quick Return to Original Colors? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I like your software, but I disabled it because I needed a quicker way to return the website to its original colors. I settled on an add-in that simply toggles between the colors I set in Firefox (via the Colors button on the Contents tab of Options) and the website's original colors. I really like that you have a global setting as well as individual page settings, but I need that quick, one-click way to return to the original website's colors.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.3).