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Memory Fox

No effect, as can never get Memory Fox's afom.exe to run and show in Task Manager Rated 3 out of 5 stars

A previous version worked great on my XP: I could always see afom.exe always doing its thing in Task Manager, and Firefox memory usage was lean and mean. Now when I update - no matter what I try, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, activate, deactivate in all different orders, reboot, reboot, reboot - Memory Fox seems to be installed properly and all the menus seem to work; but no reduction memory usage and afom.exe never shows up in Task Manager (but I can see it installed in its proper place inside the Components folder).

So Memory Fox never really gets to start its work.

Too bad. Is it bye bye to Memory Fox? (Hence bye be to memory bloat Firefox.) What's up with that non-appearing afom.exe? Is there a way to check what's stopping it from running?

(Rating of 3 is the average of 5 for that previous version, and 1 for this one that now doesn't work for me.)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (7.4.1-signed). 


Options for blocking JavaScript refreshes Rated 4 out of 5 stars

"This extension does not block JavaScript-based... redirects. If you know a way how to do this, please let me know."

To try to block JavaScript refreshes, see the following:

1) You can try the AdBlock Plus add-on extension: When you are on the offending page, click "open blockable items". Try to find the refresh ".js" item in that list of blockable items, then get AdBlock plus to block that item (eg. right click the item and select "block this item").

2) Try blocking ALL JavaScript for that site using the blacklist of the YesScript add-on extension.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5). 

XUL Profiler (by yoono)

I use it for finding CPU guzzling rogue websites Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Not sure about Yoono's social networking and personal recommendation sidebar addon; but XUL Profiler is the only Firefox addon I know that helps in finding the particular websites within my tabs that are eating up my computer's CPU - thanks! Not sure if others use XUL Profiler in this way. It's the closest that I can get right now to Google Chrome's individual tab process managing Task Manager - OK, it's not that close. (I can't use Chrome since it requires SP2 for Window XP [so I've been using the alternative SRWAre Iron], and I can't have SP2 because Microsoft detects my Windows as not genuine. Any solution for getting SP2 despite this problem?)

Since javascript problems are a common cause of eating up your CPU and just about freezing up your Firefox, then using XUL Profiler can help you find which website, of all the sites you have open, is responsible for the javascript that is gobbling up the most time. Once XUL Profiler presents the callgraph page, I click to "See" the "Source" of the bar with the greatest "Time" usage. A new window pops up with the source, and the offending URL is right at the top in the title bar. I find that URL website amongst the tabs I have open and close down the tab. When my Task Manager shows that my CPU usage has dropped, then I know I have freed up my system and killed the culprit. No more desperation and fear of that unknown rogue website! Not sure if others use it in the same way or even for the same purpose. Are there other better ways of finding CPU guzzling webpages out of the many tabs that you have open?