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Name MagnusVonMagnum
User since July 13, 2008
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Tab Mix Plus

Won't Update to 3.5 without it Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Tab Mix Plus is the one add-on to Firefox that makes the differences between wanting to use Firefox and wanting to use something else. The built in tab options for Firefox just plain suck. It's the same reason I'm not crazy about Safari 4.0. You can modify the extension to work with 3.5, but some features simply do not work (e.g. the close button on individual tabs which is a MUST as far as I'm concerned. The WHOLE POINT of Tab Mix Plus is to have options the default doesn't have and that's a primary one I want. Without it, what's the point?). Thus, I'm still using Firefox 3.0.11 and have no plans to update to 3.5 until it's fixed properly. In a way it's sad that one extension can hold me hostage like that, though. I'd prefer the Firefox team just add the functions of Tab Mix Plus to the core program as an advanced option. In fact, the BEST extensions should be considered by the team as default features. Why have a stunted browser by default? Tab handling is one of the biggest shortcomings of all browsers. The fact is ordering, stacking, close buttons, middle-click open/close, the ability to have the bar visible at all times (e.g. in Safari I have to open a new tab with a key combo or menu for the first time before the "+" button will appear to just click open a new tab which is STUPID; how about just having an option to keep the bar visible at all times Apple?). It's these little things that make a browser efficient/pleasant to use or annoying and unpleasant to use on a daily basis and I don't think the makers of these browsers quite "get" the need for customization of layouts/shortcuts, etc. Firefox at least enables them to be added, but the team keeps BREAKING the darn things with each major update leading to these comments! They added "private" browsing, but it's INFERIOR to the 'Distrust' extension (which they BROKE of course!) in that you have to quit/restart the browser to change the privacy setting whereas Distrust could do it on-the-fly and not interrupt your browsing. I mean if the Firefox team is going to replace a popular extension with their own feature, at least make it EQUIVALENT if not BETTER than the existing extensions, particularly if you're going to break them, thus delaying my upgrade path since some extensions are worth more than the improvements in the general upgrade. Tab Mix Plus is certainly #1 on that list. I don't know whether to give it 5 stars or 1 because it's both great and delaying my upgrade to 3.5. I'll go with 5 since it's not the author's fault, although I wish he'd move faster to get it working properly.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

After looking at 1Password for Safari where the author wants $40 for a similar add-on, I really appreciate this one for Firefox. Good show!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7.2).