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Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

And They Wonder Why We Hate Them . . . Rated 1 out of 5 stars

First of all, There was no notice this was in the update(s). I was never asked if I minded M$ INVADING my browser. Worse, It's deliberately impossible to uninstall. We've gone through 3 (THREE!) rounds of removing this spyware from our systems so far.

Here's a clue: IE is Swiss cheese. Well, actually that's offensive to Swiss cheese, which may well be full of holes, but certainly isn't force-fed to millions of people the world over, nor rancid and reeking of a befouling touch. I run Windows on some of my boxes. IE6 is *REQUIRED* to update the OS (No-one else sees this as a problem?). IE7 was *SLIGHTLY* more secure by default, and finally introduced some addon management (visibility at least, despire removal being terribly incomplete and flawed) and played catch-up in regards to tabbed browsing because market share was evaporating fast. IE8 is stinking bloat-ware, and I will not run it.

If my experience with IE (well, and the OS, and Office, and IIS, and for that matter a disturbingly high portion of their codebase, overall) was so bad I went and got a cross-platform, stable, fast, SUPERIOR browser, WHAT IN THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK I WANT YOU INVADING IT WITH YET ANOTHER EXPLOIT-RIDDLED SPY-WARE ADDON? It destabilizes the competing product, shares information with the mothership without my consent, is designed to be impossible to remove for the casual user . . . And WHY?!?!? Because you want your OS monopoly to translate into 'it just runs' support for your crummy development suite. In direct contradiction of industry best practices and YOUR OWN WHITEPAPERS! Where's your "Trustworthy Computing Initiative" now?

This is why we hate you. And why we didn't buy Vista. Or Office 2007 (for some of my peers Office later than 97 was out of the question). And it's why we're going to find a nice Mac, or a Linux distro that 'Just runs' on our existing commodity hardware. With Firefox (Or Safari) and OpenOffice. And A JRE that wasn't 'embraced and expanded' until Sun forced you to quit distributing it.


Thanks but no thanks. I've been an apologist for far too many years, and I'm not doing it anymore. This was immoral, illegal, and grounds for at least a class action suit. Your short, unappologetic explanation that v1.1 *Now with REMOVAL!* allowed an uninstall shows you know this, but just don't care. How're the sales going, boys?

You guys want to check if my machine has a .NET framework installed? You want to know what version? Advertise a voluntary plug-in, or work within the constraints of JavaScript or an actual Java sandbox.

If anyone reading the reviews is involved in a class action at any point, PLEASE post the URL so those of us as offended by this irresponsible idiocy can quickly and easily participate.

Mozilla staff, I would *STRONGLY* encourage sand-boxing this extension is it destabilizes your browser, AIDING the commercial-ware competition, in order to give a monopoly an edge shilling yet another of their commercial-ware products.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1).