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SiteStacks for Firefox - Instant Tech Lookup Compatible with Firefox 57+

SiteStacks lets you instantly look up the technology stack behind any website

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W3Techs Website Technology Information Compatible with Firefox 57+

Opens shows which web technologies the current site is using.

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Eccellio Science - Search Engine

Eccellio Science is fully dedicated to students and researchers that want to obtain fresh results and are very focused on Science matters. Not just Wikipedia as it often happen, but accredited and specialized websites. Enjoy Eccellio Science!

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Knowledge - All-in-one Internet Search (SSL & TLS)

Knowledge - The #1 Science Add-on - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Academic Journals - "A must have add-on for making discoveries." Binary App Dev (End-to-End Encryption & Encrypted SSL Suggestions)

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SDN Forum

ShiftDelete.Net Forum Search

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ShiftDelete.Net technology news.

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Hackernews Browser Addon Compatible with Firefox 57+

An addon that lists up to FIVE HUNDRED of the latest and hottest Hacker News stories

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Search within Caligraffiti's posts.

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Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar Requires Restart

Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar easier for you to access all the source code available in the market code

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3 users , search with ease from Firefox search box

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Hacker News Feed

Have a quick peek at the top posts on Hackernews.
HackerNews is the most popular news site in the tech industry & the top choice for new product releases.

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fossBytes: fresh bytes of technology and more

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The Top Fives

Get the top news on products, design and technology from the likes of Product Hunt, Designer News, Hacker News, Wired, Mashable, The Verge and Reddit. Super clean dashboard and new sources added regularly.

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iTGrunts Requires Restart

A very flexible widget to keep you updated with 100% pure tech news, not from concentrate! iTGrunts provides you with the latest technology news, rumors , gadgets, gaming news and science.

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HN Lists Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds navbar links to pages from

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