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StockFox Requires Restart

Lightweight integration of a stock ticker into your browser.

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1,562 users

The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool Requires Restart

The Ultimate Browser Addon to easily find completely Free Stock Photos, Textures, Clipart and Illustrations. Find free stock photos from over 200 free imagery websites.

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544 users

Zeal.ChinaStock Requires Restart

shows latest stock price on status bar, view the detail of your stock with context menu

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514 users

UsageFinder Requires Restart

Tool for find photos in internet. It took user portfolio from Flickr or Shutterstock ( or Lori ( and search this photos on others sites.

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Dient der Verwaltung eines Aktiendepots.

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India Infoline - IIFL

BSE/NSE, India Stock Market Recommendations, Live Stock Markets, Sensex/Nifty, Commodity Market, Financial News, Mutual Funds in a popup widget.
Get all the Latest Market updates with a single click.

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Pixmac Search

Search royalty free stock photos in picture market!

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Litecoin price index

Show last Litecoin price from Vircurex market in BTC and BTC-e price in USD.
Automatic refresh every 10 minutes or by click.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (2)
25 users

imkbizle Requires Restart

parses 3. party web sites (currently just AKBANK YATIRIM, ISTE YATIRIM and ZIRAAT sites) to retrieve data about IMKB100 stocks, shows latest value of selected stock on statusbar, and shows detailed statistics on tool tip text

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (13)
15 users


Search for royalty-free images on Shutterstock

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MarketWatch Discovery Bar Requires Restart

Discover related Market Watch articles, blogs and videos as you surf and share them with your friends!

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FoxStocks Requires Restart

Live Stock tickers from in your status bar

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (46)
71 users

Live E*Trade Requires Restart

Live E*Trade share price spot. This add-on can be easier to spot share price anytime you are using firefox. Details tooltip display indicates the share information such as today's lower/higher price, company name, last update and change, etc.

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21 users


Search for stock quotes from

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Search stock images with

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Find it on Fotolia!

Find images on

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This add-on adds to your firefox quicksearch bar.

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Search company information and stock price from Reuters

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