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BrowserWall Compatible with Firefox 57+

BrowserWall to dodatek dla przeglądarki, który poprawi Twoje bezpieczeństwo w sieci. Korzystając z BrowserWall możesz nie obawiać się większości stron internetowych, które zostały przygotowane przez hakerów.

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Added June 29, 2017

MD5 Lock Compatible with Firefox 57+

Secure your passwords by not storing them in a locker but using your existing passwords but in an uncrackable form.

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Added June 12, 2017

pCloud Save Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save your favorite web images, videos, text and more to pCloud - up to 20 GB free storage.
★ Save web content through the right-click context menu
★ Select multiple images and save them at once
★ Mark articles, paragraphs and other types of text

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Added June 9, 2017

psono.PW Compatible with Firefox 57+

Psono is an open source password manager available for multiple platforms.

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Added April 17, 2017

Open in Tor Browser Compatible with Firefox 57+

Open current page or link in tor browser for better privacy

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Added April 5, 2017

Two Factor Authenticator Compatible with Firefox 57+

Generates TOTPs for 2 factor authentication

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Added March 25, 2017

Buttercup Compatible with Firefox 57+

Manage your online identities and credentials with Buttercup: An open-source, free and secure credentials manager.

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Added March 15, 2017

CloudBleed Compatible with Firefox 57+

CloudBleed, search have you visited affected websites recently by browser history.

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Added February 25, 2017

NoMorePass : Forget your passwords Compatible with Firefox 57+

Keep your passwords with you. Secure storage for your passwords in your mobile device. Send easily and secure these passwords to webpages.

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Added February 12, 2017

Passman Compatible with Firefox 57+

Passman - The password manager for Nextcloud / ownCloud!
Password synchronization browser companion, meant to work alongside with nextcloud app "Passman" ( ).
Bring the power of your passwords back to you.

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Added February 8, 2017

Scrippy Compatible with Firefox 57+

Scrippy - Right click hacks...OK not really it stores pre configured and custom SQL code for you. Basically a copy pasta space holder making it easier and faster to test inputs for SQL vulnerbilites.

Other code injections coming soon

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Added January 29, 2017

Smart HTTPS (revived) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically changes HTTP addresses to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP.

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2,350 users
Added January 28, 2017

Secret Revealer (for Facebook™) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Reveals secret information from Facebook's profiles and other helpful information. No registration, no friendship required, **100% safe**, **100% free** add-on. Just install it, go to any Facebook profile, click on commands and enjoy!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (113)
2,132 users
Added January 22, 2017

Disconnect for Facebook™ (WebExtension) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Facebook™ Disconnect is an efficient firewall to disconnect third-party websites from accessing to your Facebook. This is WebExtension implementation of Facebook™ Disconnect add-on

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Added January 18, 2017

No-Script Suite Lite (revived) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Blocks scripts (and more) on untrusted websites

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Added January 17, 2017

Download Virus Checker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically check all the downloads files against well-known anti-viruses using VirusTotal API

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Added November 12, 2016

Mooltipass Extension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Retrieve and store Mooltipass credentials easily from websites.
Works natively with MooltiApp : but is also compatible with the contributor-developed Moolticute App:

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (7)
345 users
Added November 9, 2016

LinkLocker - Private Bookmarking Compatible with Firefox 57+

LinkLocker is a lightweight online bookmarking service built from the ground up with your privacy in mind. Use the official LinkLocker Firefox Add-On to securely clip Web content into your LinkLocker account.

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Added November 7, 2016

MultiPass Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension automatically send credentials for HTTP-Authentication based on a list of passwords associated to a regular expression.

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Added November 6, 2016


ClipSafe clears your clipboard after you paste into a password input field so that passwords aren't just sitting around in there.

Check out the code, open an issue, or fork the repo on GitHub

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Added November 3, 2016