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Live Editor Compatible with Firefox 57+

This editor is used to display and check your HTML and CSS code easily. Just click on the this Extension Icon on the toolbar and it will open the Editor in the New tab. This will save the time of the Front end Developers.

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154 users

URL Shortner + QR Code Generator Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension is to shorten the URL of current tab and to generate the QR Code for short URL

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147 users

PrivateX Compatible with Firefox 57+

This add-on lets the user open websites with critical user information [Like banking, travel sites, etc] in a private window, without the hassle of copying the URL. Also, it removes the Google Analytics tracking token (UTM) from the URL by default.

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38 users

Snake Compatible with Firefox 57+

Play the snake right on your screen, take a quick break without even looking away from work.

PS: This will not work on

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18 users

Regexer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Are you tired of switching back and forth from terminal to web apps to validate regular expressions? This web extension will help you check matches in a string against a regular expression.

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173 users

Time Out Compatible with Firefox 57+

Stay focused on what you do!!
Are you thinking that you're running out of time always? Do you want to make your daily tasks on time?
Here is the best add-on for you!!!
Yes, You can monitor your time and be alerted!!

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45 users

GOOGLE SIGNOUT Compatible with Firefox 57+

This will sign out all google accounts from the browser, just in one click

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Keyboard Shortcuts Compatible with Firefox 57+

Simple keyboard shortcut for fast work. This Extension will be helping you to move the tabs either on Right side or left Side.

Ctrl + Right arrow moves you to right side.
Ctrl + Left arrow moves you to left side.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (5)
34 users

MozMeets Compatible with Firefox 57+

Shows meetup events for Mozilla

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Manga Notifier Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension provides desktop notifications when new chapters have been added to your favourite Manga titles. Supports series from Mangafox ( ) and Mangastream ( ).

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25 users

MozIndia Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add-on for all updates and info about Mozilla India Communities

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