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RotMG Cheater Database Compatible with Firefox 57+

RotMG Cheater Database

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Updated March 13, 2016

Manaberry Stream

Soyez informés dès qu'un stream est lancé sur la chaîne Twitch de Manaberry !

Dès que Manaberry commence un stream, l'icône change et vous indique le nom du live en cours par l’intermédiaire d'une alerte personnalisée.

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Updated March 9, 2016


Bądź na bieżąco z informacjami od Brata Plika

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Updated March 8, 2016

Unblock Youku

Helps users access their web services while travelling outside mainland China.

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Updated March 8, 2016

Goldtoken Enhancer

Enhancements to the user interface

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Updated March 7, 2016

Olimp Extension

Установите расширение от БК "Олимп" для доступа к нашему официальному сайту в любое время! Включите отслеживание и мы направим вас на доступное зеркало при следующем входе на ресурсы БК "Олимп"

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Updated March 4, 2016

Stop NBA Redirect

Stop NBA from redirecting to local sites

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Updated March 3, 2016


Nieoficjalne rozszerzenie do słuchania radia RMF FM.

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Updated February 29, 2016

Simple movie ratings

Basic service to search the ratings of a movie by opening rottentomatoes and imdb with highlighted search terms

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Updated February 29, 2016


Open YouTube player in new window with TubeG (Pro) app.
Works only with TubeG (Pro) app - available only for Mac!

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Updated February 24, 2016

Dof streams

Дополнение уведомляет пользователя о начале стрима Дофа

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Updated February 19, 2016


Mit dieser Erweiterung kannst du Inhalte auf SkyGo als Vollbild schauen und nebenbei weiter arbeiten, surfen oder was auch immer du machen möchtest.

Addon to help you to look videos on SkyGo with better fullscreen mode than native.

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Updated February 17, 2016


Ne rater plus aucun de mes lives !

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Updated February 16, 2016



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Updated February 11, 2016

Recruitr for Firefox

Streamlines the process of recruiting new rulers in Cyber Nations

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Updated February 6, 2016


Allow to overwrite/draw on a webpage, and to take a screenshot of it.

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Updated February 3, 2016


Maž je plugin pro internetové prohlížeče, který vymaže, nebo nahradí jména těch █████, co vás tak █████.

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Updated February 2, 2016

List Customizer for VNDB

This extension makes VNDB lists easier on the eyes and lets you set pictures for entries.

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Updated February 2, 2016


MariMainPiano is a musical instrument substitute in form of browser extension for entertainment use.

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Updated January 27, 2016

Super Mario Maker Course ID Linkifier

Converts all text in the Super Mario Maker Course ID format, on all websites everywhere, into that course's permalink on the Super Mario Maker Bookmark web portal, and adds a second link to bookmark the course without leaving the page you're on.

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Updated January 26, 2016