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FCFS calculator No Restart

This is FCFS calculator that i have made ​​as a coursework for operating systems.

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Updated May 8, 2013

Zendesk comment collapse No Restart

Provides an option to expand/collapse comments in the new zendesk agent view.

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Updated May 7, 2013

Pinch-to-zoom and Double-tap Gesture Support No Restart

Allows for pinch zooming on Windows and OS X, as well as double-tap (smart zoom) on OS X only. Double-tap gestures will not be recognized until Firefox 23.

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Updated May 4, 2013

youtube-dl No Restart

Download videos from different sites.

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Updated April 29, 2013 No Restart

Trade even faster and easier. Get the Trading 212 browser extension. It provides quick access to the FOREX markets.

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Updated April 28, 2013

directSIDING No Restart

Log-in directo al SIDING desde Firefox.

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Updated April 24, 2013

Metrifier No Restart

Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

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Updated April 22, 2013

Readmill Injector No Restart

Add 'Send to Readmill' buttons to webpages to easily send EPUB books to your Readmill Library. Supports Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks.

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Updated April 19, 2013

Shazoo Infinite No Restart

Возвращаем логотипы Основателей и Vox Populi для комментирующих в темах (привет перво-апрельскому Шазу!)

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Updated April 19, 2013

ExtCpp0x No Restart

Addon gives ability to numerate and copy to clipboard C++ source code on the website. It makes replying in topics easier, gives citation and quick response options. Allows to make small changes in website's look and feel.

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Updated April 17, 2013 No Restart

Търгувай още по-лесно с приставката за браузър на TRADER.BG, която дава бърз достъп до FOREX пазарите.

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Updated April 17, 2013

jywtest1 No Restart

a basic add-on

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Updated April 16, 2013

nocomments No Restart

Say 'Goodbye!' to comments on YouTube! :)

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Updated April 12, 2013

WIEditor No Restart

Просмотр шаблонов, подключенных к странице.

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Updated April 11, 2013

nTED No Restart

Atualiza as imagens mostrando o meme do Ted

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Updated April 4, 2013

Pure Link Text No Restart

Enables you to copy the text of a link via the context-menu.

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Updated April 4, 2013

KeyAffinity No Restart

Adds keyboard shortcuts to the immensely popular Furry art website FurAffinity.

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Updated April 4, 2013

subMangaH Fix No Restart

Fix error with the image src, changes to img2 when the image does not load.

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Updated April 3, 2013 No Restart

Shows current status of the London underground network

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Updated March 29, 2013

ffscrap No Restart

Get easily data (in csv format) from any page using very simple script to define what data to scrap from a page

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Updated March 28, 2013