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readit4me No Restart

This add-on will allow ReadIt4Me users to request any article to be read and recorded by

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Added February 5, 2016

Kifi - Connecting People with Knowledge No Restart

Kifi allows you to easily keep and tag anything you find online, then quickly find it in your favorite search engine, together with relevant pages that your community and team have kept, too. Connect with Slack to deep search your channels' files.

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Added February 3, 2016

ClassLink OneClick Extension No Restart

ClassLink provides secure and simple single sign-on access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere.

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Added February 3, 2016

mywebook-ukdev No Restart - Homepage & Web Directory - Official Firefox Extension

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Added February 2, 2016

DFG Live Extension No Restart

Ne loupez plus votre rendez-vous avec DrFeelgood !

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Added January 30, 2016

AutoPin No Restart

Pins homepage(s) everytime firefox is started

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Added January 29, 2016

Book Marker No Restart

This extension adds button to toolbar which opens, backup and sync your bookmarks from bkmarker

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Added January 28, 2016

BMPage No Restart

A new tab page based on your browser bookmarks and bookmark keywords

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Added January 20, 2016

KJuicer No Restart

extract the knowledge from any webpage

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Added January 17, 2016 No Restart

Dodatek umożliwia bezpośrednie sprawdzanie trackingu na stronie
Zainstaluj dodatek i wejdź na, po wejściu w wybrane zamówienie, numer przesyłki zostanie podświetlony i pojawi się logo AliPaczki. Kliknij i śledź paczkę!

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Added December 28, 2015

ih2hContextMenu No Restart

Add IH2H to context menu

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Added December 21, 2015

Bookmark+ No Restart

Quickly add bookmarks to your account! Bookmark+ is a Social Bookmarking Tool in the Cloud. With rich visual presentation and our patent pending design, it offers a unique experience to the users.

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Added December 16, 2015

2Pick No Restart

Add-on to Pick your favorite stuff and save it in

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Added December 12, 2015

visited link enabler No Restart

enables visited link colors on (almost) every website for convinient browsing

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Added November 18, 2015

JobHero No Restart

The JobHero Sidekick lets you save job opportunities from across the web with just one click! Save & track interesting jobs to research later, remind yourself to follow up, and organize your entire job search.

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Added October 28, 2015

Puzlin No Restart

Puzlin's aim is to help user to save time. It helps to archive, sort and share lists of its web links in a safe environment with respect for personal data. Puzlin is really a link-oriented collaborative search engine!

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Added October 26, 2015

Bookmark Manager - No Restart

Smart Bookmarking for teams and individuals. Powerful, secure and cloud-based.

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Added October 14, 2015

puzlin-beta No Restart

Plugin pour version beta
Permet d'ajouter des pages dans sa sandlist Puzlin
(nécessite d'être connecté à Puzlin)

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Added September 27, 2015

site notes No Restart

Save your notes on a specific site.

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Added September 22, 2015

to Do List No Restart

Save your notes to your browser/file

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Added September 11, 2015