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Open in Chrome™ No Restart

Open links in Google Chrome

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33 users
Added August 25, 2015

Open in IE™ No Restart

Open links in Internet Explorer

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47 users
Added August 25, 2015

Doigby No Restart

Tenez-vous au courant des lives de Doigby en temps réel.

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6 users
Added August 19, 2015

ElThor1196 Twitch Notifications No Restart

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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10 users
Added August 18, 2015

Goldfishka No Restart

С помощью плагина Goldfishka вы гарантированно сможете посещать сайты группы Голдфишка из любой точки планеты.

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1 user
Added August 12, 2015

YouTube™ Anywhere No Restart

YouTube™ Anywhere provides access to a floating YouTube Window on any page, plus, you can drag the window to any position!

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25 users
Added August 12, 2015

RotoGrinders - DraftKings Tools No Restart

Automated Lineup Entry

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45 users
Added August 3, 2015

Whatsapp Web No Restart

Use WhatsApp on Web

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244 users
Added July 30, 2015

Anticipation for YouTube No Restart

Hides video time on YouTube

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332 users
Added July 28, 2015

MafiaWars Quick Trigger No Restart

The official Firefox add-on for quick access, notifications and event info for Mafia Wars.

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5 users
Added July 27, 2015

Outpost for Firefox™ No Restart

Monitors your trades and offers, giving you desktop notifications whenever anything interesting happens!

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3 users
Added July 24, 2015

Flag Plus No Restart

Shows country flag based on the server location of the active tab's url

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
379 users
Added July 15, 2015

transform-webpage-in-3d-beta No Restart

This extension lets you to transform the web page in 3D.

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2 users
Added July 9, 2015

Solveez games score fetcher No Restart

Solveez score fetcher is an addon feature for solveez games which helps user to submit their score via screen capture

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1 user
Added July 8, 2015

firstescapegame No Restart

first esacpe games

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3 users
Added July 7, 2015

MariMainPiano No Restart

MariMainPiano is a musical instrument substitute in form of browser extension for entertainment use.

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11 users
Added June 30, 2015

Steam Watcher No Restart

Steam notifications for Firefox.

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2 users
Added June 29, 2015

Subsonic(Media Server) Client - jjSubsonic No Restart

Subsonic(Media Server) Client

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3 users
Added June 28, 2015

League of Legends Champion Guides No Restart

An add-on to quickly access one of the most popular League of Legends guides websites.

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32 users
Added June 25, 2015

Zombie Records Prime No Restart

Enhances Zombie Records With New Features And Tools

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48 users
Added June 24, 2015