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OpenWeatherMap No Restart

Current weather and forecasts in your city

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Added June 16, 2016

Detrumpify No Restart

On various media sites, including Facebook and major US newspapers, replaces the name "Donald Trump" with entertaining alternative monikers.

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Added June 15, 2016

Spokal No Restart

Share to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn through Spokal. Quickly add new items to your calendar and/or recurring library.

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Added June 3, 2016

ZPB LIVE No Restart

Soyez au courant quand ZeroPingBlood commence à streamer !

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Added May 29, 2016

Flipboard: Flip This! No Restart

Toolbar button to flip everything into your Flipboard.

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Added May 27, 2016

Yahoo Homepage No Restart

This extension automatically makes Yahoo your default homepage.

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Added May 27, 2016

TakeItAway No Restart

This app allow user (using the TakeItAway android app) to shift the currently displayed page to their smartphone and back

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Added May 23, 2016

Pro-Life Plugin No Restart

Simple plugin that converts anti-choice and similar nonsense language to pro-life

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Added May 23, 2016

Chelxie Live Notifier No Restart

Nouvelle extension pour savoir si je suis en live et ça vous indique aussi quand une nouvelle vidéo est sortie !

Créateur: Nucktrooper
Son site:

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Added May 22, 2016

العربي الجديد No Restart

في سعيه الدائم لتطوير خدماته وتوفير الوسائل التقنية المتطورة لضمان وصول القراء الى موقع "العربي الجديد" الإلكتروني بسهولة ومن أي مكان، يوفر العربي الجديد هذه الإضافة والذي تتيح للقراء الكرام تصفح الموقع في البلاد التي تحجبه

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Added May 19, 2016

Lava Jato No Restart

Replaces names for politicians involved in the Lava Jato scandal with their nicknames.

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Added May 17, 2016

RT на русском No Restart

Последние новости онлайн в России и в Мире.

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Added May 16, 2016

All About Shias No Restart

A link to the website All About Shias.

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Added May 15, 2016

PlayincomTV No Restart

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Added May 13, 2016

MyBrainsInfo No Restart

Cloud Based Working Space

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Added May 13, 2016

Browser Virtual Keyboard No Restart

A virtual keyboard that lets you type characters right on the Firefox web browser of your computer

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Added May 8, 2016

Mini Golf No Restart

Play Mini Golf directly from your browser.

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Added May 7, 2016

Free Stuff No Restart

Enter to win free coupons,gift cards, games, household items,baby items, anything is at your disposal.

Install and start and winning

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Added May 6, 2016

Twitter Colors No Restart

Want to change the colors of your twitter account?

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Added May 6, 2016

Pdf Creator No Restart

Convert any webpage to a pdf quickly

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Added April 24, 2016