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BlueGolf Kiosk No Restart

Provides an improved full-screen mode, print preferences and prompts to set the BlueGolf Kiosk page as your homepage. It also lets you set a custom webpage to use as a Kiosk in the options.

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Added February 10, 2016

Zero Footprint: Selective History Eraser No Restart

Ever wish you could only CERTAIN websites from your history without deleting it EVERYTHING? Because honestly, what's more suspicious than always clearing your history after you've used the computer?

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Added February 2, 2016

Tabs4Nature No Restart

Rette ein Stück Natur mit jedem neuen Tab!
Das Add-On zeigt bei jedem neuen Tab eine Seite von Tabs4Nature.
Durch die Werbeinblendungen auf dieser Seite hilft jeder neue Tab weitere
Spenden für Projekte zum Schutz und Erhalt der Natur zu sammeln.

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Added January 31, 2016

FeedlyTube No Restart

Subscribe any youtube channel with feedly.

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Added January 30, 2016

AutoPin No Restart

Pins homepage(s) everytime firefox is started

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Added January 29, 2016

BMPage No Restart

A new tab page based on your browser bookmarks and bookmark keywords

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Added January 20, 2016

Optimizely Toggle No Restart

This extension disables Optimizely for the tab you are browsing, via a switch.

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Added January 20, 2016

openintabs No Restart

Open URLs seperated by ENTERs from clipboard in tabs

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Added January 20, 2016

mattabs No Restart

Put URLs from all open TABs into clipboard seperated by enters

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Added January 20, 2016

Track+ for Trello No Restart

Add Trackplus support with links for Trello

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Added January 12, 2016

SmartPC Password Confidential No Restart

A secure and easy solution for managing all of your passwords.

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Added December 23, 2015

Tab Stacker No Restart

Moves selected unpinned tabs to the left of the tab bar. A port of Tab Stacker for Chrome.

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Added December 20, 2015

轻轻一点新标签页 No Restart

使用可随意定制的 轻轻一点(的传送门,作为新标签页

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Added December 19, 2015

New Toplevel Tab for Tree Style Tabs No Restart

Adds a button and overrides New Window keystroke to create a top level tab with Tree Style Tab

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Added November 25, 2015

Simplified Tab Groups No Restart

A Firefox addon that provides tab grouping features similar to the removed TabView/TabGroups/Panorama features with a different UI. This add-on is able to manage tab groups created by Panorama.

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583 users
Added November 20, 2015

New Tab Control No Restart

This Firefox add-on allows you to control many features of newly opened tabs.

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Added November 4, 2015

quick-seeker No Restart

Easily keep up to date with movie news, movie reviews, and search the web with Quickseeker new tabs
His extension configures and personalizes your New Tab to Quickseeker to provide these features content and features described within your New Tab

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Added November 4, 2015

Bookmark Manager - No Restart

Smart Bookmarking for teams and individuals. Powerful, secure and cloud-based.

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Added October 14, 2015

Custom UserAgent String No Restart

Add a custom useragent string for desired URLs or domains.

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Added September 28, 2015

Colors New Tab No Restart

Colors new tab is the new tab page browser extension with several features such as interesting facts, top 5, news, weather, daily deals, facebook notification, twitter notification, and gmail notification.

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Added September 26, 2015