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FocusBlocker No Restart

Block websites for a given time to help you focus on work/study (currently blocks facebook, twitter, feedly and icanhazcheezeburger.)

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Added July 10, 2014

POI pocket No Restart

Create new POI in Select text (address, GPS coordinates...), right click and choose Create POI.

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Added June 27, 2014

M-Links No Restart

Converts text-only m-files:// -urls to links, automatically or when requested.
Configurable support for other :// URI schemes.

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Added June 25, 2014

Xλlo No Restart

Расширение заменяет в браузере слово Путин на Хλйло.

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7 users
Added June 25, 2014

CSM Talk HD No Restart

Xem stream HD trên CSM Talk mà không cần sử dụng CCTalk

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20 users
Added June 24, 2014

YouTube - Disable Annotations No Restart

Disables YouTube-Annotations by default.

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Added June 20, 2014

san-pi No Restart

a basic add-on to purge images/video from edgecast cdn

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Added June 16, 2014

UT Viewer No Restart

View your UT in nice sequence! No more Ctr+F every time!

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Added June 13, 2014

4oD Ad Block No Restart

Block 4oD adverts

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Added June 8, 2014

TS server info No Restart

Show TS server info in title.

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17 users
Added May 31, 2014

MathML Zoom No Restart

Allow zooming mathematical formulas

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15 users
Added May 30, 2014

Image to MathML No Restart

Try to convert images of mathematical formulas into MathML.

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8 users
Added May 28, 2014

MathML Font Settings No Restart

Add context menu items to configure MathML font settings.

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Added May 26, 2014

XXLNet B.V. No Restart

Firefox plugin voor Klik & Bel, instellen van je bereikbaarheid en wachtrij monitoring

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Added May 26, 2014

Backspace Enabler No Restart

For Linux users. Enable the backspace key to act as a shortcut for the browser's back button (necessary on Linux only).

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Added May 25, 2014

response-timeout-24-hours No Restart

This plugin sets the response timeout to 24 hours.

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103 users
Added May 21, 2014

Simple Text Editor No Restart

A simple text editor for your sweet browser.

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111 users
Added May 20, 2014

Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor No Restart

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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12 users
Added May 15, 2014

UniBT Proxy No Restart

A simple Firefox add-on to quickly enable/disable the Uni Bayreuth Proxy.

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Added May 14, 2014

CourseraBrowse No Restart

Browse Coursera course offerings and information through a panel Firefox add-on. No need to leave your current page!

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Added May 9, 2014