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Tabatus No Restart

Quickly search & activate tabs from the keyboard alone.

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2 users
Added July 22, 2016

Languser No Restart

Легкое обучение английскому языку

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Added July 21, 2016

KRdoma No Restart

Ta dodatek vam nastavi zacetno stran in nov zavihek na

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3 users
Added July 20, 2016

Delete Tab No Restart No Restart

Close the current tab by pressing the key Delete.

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4 users
Added July 17, 2016

Blocker No Restart

Blocks unwanted websites containing pornographic keywords.

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15 users
Added July 17, 2016

Color Tab No Restart

This add-on will let your boring new-tab page provide some beautiful color sets, let's take good care of eyes by opening a awesome new tab!

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46 users
Added July 15, 2016

Pinned Tabs Fix No Restart

Opens tabs opened from a pinned tab on the far right end of the tab bar.

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38 users
Added July 10, 2016

Safe Lagoon WebCenter Access No Restart

This amazing little program allows you to access your Safe Lagoon Parental WebCenter direct from your Firefox toolbar. Snazzy!

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12 users
Added July 6, 2016

Vfl Wolfsburg Start No Restart

Mit dieser Erweiterung aktivieren Sie Vfl Wolfsburg Start als Startseite für den Browser und neue Tabs.

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Added June 30, 2016

Limit Tabs to 2 No Restart

For my autistic son. Limits tabs to exactly 2.

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Added June 14, 2016

VivaldiFox No Restart

An add-on that allows colouring Firefox in a Vivaldi style fashion.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (21)
894 users
Added June 13, 2016

Youtube To TayTev No Restart

This extension will change the YouTube url to a TayTev url if a video is shown and will allow you to repeat the video or watch it with your friends and more

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6 users
Added June 12, 2016

New Tab Home No Restart

Change new tab page to homepage.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
220 users
Added June 12, 2016

UnloadTabs No Restart

Unload your tabs to free resources

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (2)
222 users
Added June 10, 2016

Youtube Repeat No Restart

Repeat functionality on any youtube video. Just click repeat button and enioy :)

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274 users
Added June 9, 2016

CustomeContextMenu No Restart

Context menu to analyse the page

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3 users
Added June 6, 2016

MuteLinks No Restart

Mute Tabs based of URL.

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84 users
Added June 5, 2016

Rutracker Torrent Search No Restart

Easy and quick search for books, music, videos in torrents.

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348 users
Added June 2, 2016

Reload All Pinned Tabs No Restart

Allows you to reload all pinned tabs at the push of a button.

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67 users
Added May 30, 2016

Quick Visit No Restart

Ein einfacher Weg, um schnell alle Lieblingsseiten zu besuchen.

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7 users
Added May 23, 2016