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HDOnline VIP No Restart

HDOnline VIP

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Added August 30, 2015

Overlay Blocker - Close Website Overlays No Restart

Close popup overlays on any website even if the 'X' button is hidden from you.

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Added August 25, 2015

listgoal No Restart

Grow your email list without thinking (and free coaching when you get stuck). This Add on will change your browser's homepage and newtab preferences to display it's contents. And will revert your previous setting on disable and uninstall.

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Added August 24, 2015 No Restart

1net creates, tracks, and optimises sales and campaigns. Easy login to your account, Manage campaigns and e-commerce.

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Added August 24, 2015

Simple Form Fill No Restart

Enter text into input fields by choosing items from the context menu. New items can be added by selecting text and choosing 'Add to Simple Form Fill' or by changing the add-ons' preferences.

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Added August 14, 2015

Skip Redirect No Restart

Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful.

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Added August 13, 2015

CRM Click2Call No Restart

This extension highlights callable numbers and calls them on click via Triinfo CRM server

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Added August 12, 2015

Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh No Restart

Refresh the Salesforce Dashboards Automatically at Specific Intervals

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Added August 9, 2015

Copy Title and URL No Restart

This addon will provide a way to copy title and url by using menu and context menu.

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Added August 3, 2015

QADataTest No Restart

my frist tools for my company

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Added July 23, 2015

Gaaiho-addon No Restart

Gaaiho PDF

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Added July 22, 2015

Html5 Youtube Video Speed Controller No Restart

Html5 Youtube Video Speed Controller helps to change the playback speed of html5 video on youtube.

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Added July 19, 2015

french-holiday-forms No Restart

Used by the Mozilla employees in France to generate their PTO forms.

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Added July 18, 2015

webreads No Restart

Webreads allows user to audio mark web page content and stream to smart phones

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Added July 14, 2015

nVampeta No Restart

Replaces all images on all pages to Vampeta

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Added July 13, 2015

dxrkey No Restart

Add hotkey for
* Use 'ctrl-/' to focus on search box

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Added July 6, 2015

TheFactBook No Restart

Add Facts to your TFB Instance easily

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Added July 3, 2015

Prisma Media No Restart

Désactive automatiquement les adblockers sur les sites de Prisma Media

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Added June 28, 2015

Screensharing Extension for TeamFON Web Meeting No Restart

This extension enables screensharing for TeamFON Web Meeting

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Added June 23, 2015

4Ward No Restart

Forwards sites to other sites

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Added June 18, 2015