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UE4 Github Doc Links

Makes the header file links on the docs link to the source file in GitHub.

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Added March 21, 2016

Quick File Launcher

Launch Programs & External Files directly from your Browser using the new Quick File Launcher Extension. You can add any File Extension (.EXE, .TXT, .JPG, .PDF) and even use Parameters to Edit a File or an Image using your Favorite Editor, and more..

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Added Feb. 16, 2016 by ttroxor

Mit einem Account bei müssen Sie nicht mehr nach Links für einen bestimmten Filehoster suchen - sondern laden bei den wichtigsten mit Fullspeed herunter. Das Angebot ist Abos bei einzelnen Filehostern meist auch preislich überlegen.

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Added Jan. 17, 2016


Simple addon that calls Firefox's internal Garbage Collection and Minimize Memory Usage functions

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Added Dec. 18, 2015


Shows is a site is currently hosted on the Primal Tribe servers

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Added Dec. 17, 2015

AutoProxy-ng Requires Restart

This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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Added Dec. 17, 2015

QuadroSync Helper

Interact with your webapps from your iOs device (Requires Quadro)

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Added Dec. 1, 2015

Castr Screencast Extension

Share your full screen with Castr

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Added Nov. 16, 2015


Dodatek umożliwia integrację z Legislatorem.

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Added Oct. 27, 2015

Search - Whaat next

Mini Search - Whaat next lets you stay update search the web,image,video etc - all from your Firefox new tab.

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Added Oct. 2, 2015

Smart Bill - bon casa de marcat

Permite tiparirea bonurilor fiscale pe o casa de marcat conectata la computer direct din Smart Bill Cloud.
Extensia salveaza in computer fisierul necesar casei de marcat astfel incat aceasta sa poata tipari bonul fiscal.

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Added Sept. 9, 2015

Pearson MyITLabs Bulk Download

A basic add-on to make bulk download of all student files form Prearson MyITLabs website easier.

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Added Sept. 4, 2015

1net creates, tracks, and optimises sales and campaigns. Easy login to your account, Manage campaigns and e-commerce.

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Added Aug. 24, 2015

CRM Click2Call

This extension highlights callable numbers and calls them on click via Triinfo CRM server

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Added Aug. 12, 2015

Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh

Refresh the Salesforce Dashboards Automatically at Specific Intervals

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Added Aug. 9, 2015

Copy Title and URL

This addon will provide a way to copy title and url by using menu and context menu.

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Added Aug. 3, 2015


my frist tools for my company

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Added July 23, 2015


Gaaiho PDF

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Added July 22, 2015


Improves browsing, using and functionality of website. It is a part of LNC Web Browser Extensions Czech Edition bundle.

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Added July 17, 2015


Webreads allows user to audio mark web page content and stream to smart phones

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Added July 14, 2015